Impeachment: Interview With Mr. Toy

Siena Sysko ’21

Siena spoke with Advanced U.S. Government and Politics teacher Mr. Toy about the current impeachment inquiry.

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Centennial Homecoming Address

Thomas Zehner ’20

This speech was delivered by student body president Thomas Zehner at Centennial Convocation on September 21, 2019.

Hello everyone and welcome to Tower Hill’s Centennial Homecoming! It is amazing to see all of the alumni from around the country returning for a full weekend of Hiller pride. After a great start to the celebration last night with the pep rally, sports games, and other green and white events, we are in store for an amazing day. 

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Husband of the Month: Mahershala Ali

Skye Wu ’19 and Isabel Shepherd ’20

Welcome back to Husband of the Month everybody! This month we will be celebrating an incredible actor who is finally getting his time in the spotlight: Mahershala Ali.

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Third Person

Siena Sysko ’21

The Wind River Mine is in Wyoming. It is a gold mine on the northeastern border of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Though the two are only one mile apart, the peoples of the neighboring civilizations do their best to avoid each other. The big yellow house is the center of the land and the mine is to the north. Far down below. The land is dry and arable only to sagebrush; it is easy to dig, and we dug for all sorts of reasons.

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Mind Over Matter

Kirit Minhas ’20

I stood alone in the kitchen, overthinking all the possibilities and outcomes of my actions earlier that day. There was too much to go over, too many computations for me to perform. Even for my advanced mind, it was overwhelming. Gears turning and turning, almost grinding to a halt… And my mind was transported.

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The End of the Path: On “Avengers: Endgame” & Long-Form Storytelling

Bennett Fort ’19

Last Friday, April 26, 2019, I watched it all end. My emotional (and, of course, quite hefty monetary) investment with 22 Marvel films paid off as I finally saw an ending to something I discovered nine years ago, one fateful night in Ocean City, NJ.

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Oh, Nope

Bennett Fort ’19

“You know how people always talk about how they wouldn’t do things that people do in horror movies?” Roscoe was about to go on a rant, Arthur knew it. His diatribes always commenced with crap like that. Arthur remembered once he started one with, “You know how chickens have wings? Well, like what if they had human arms.” It was always something pointless like that. But Arthur knew he was in for it this time. No one starts a thought with “you know how,” like Roscoe.

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Husband of the Month: Alex Honnold

Skye Wu ’19 and Isabel Shepherd ’20

This month, we bring you one of the most daring men of our time: Alex Honnold. Alex’s miraculous ascents of perilously BIG WALLS could put the fear of God in any living being.

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Internal vs External Processors in the Education System

Olivia Langlois ’21

Throughout years of human development, the brain has created a complex information-processing system that begins with the input from sensory organs that turn the physical stimulus into electrochemical signals, which are then sent through many neurons and pathways until the brain can sift through the information to come out with the golden nugget of importance.

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