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Australian Students Interview

Matt Santos 17′ and Louise Conaty ’17

This Spring over Spring Break, Lauren Formanski, Julia Smith, and Allison P. Smith participated in an exchange program with Australian students.  In April, they, along with Natalie Hobbs, hosted three girls. Overall, the exchange proved to be extremely successful. We sat down with the Australians to talk about their visit. Continue reading “Australian Students Interview”

Elizabeth Smart and the Importance of Perspective

Jade Olurin ’17

On June 5, 2002, Elizabeth Smart was taken from her bedroom in Salt Lake City, Utah.

During her nine months of captivity, she was subjected to unspeakable abuse by her captors, yet maintained an unshakeable will to live. On March 12, 2003, she was rescued by police and reunited with her family.

I met Elizabeth at the Common Wealth Awards in the Dupont Hotel, where she was honored with the award for public service. Her speech, which had to allow frequent pauses for applause, was one of hope and the importance of moving forward. Unafraid of recounting her experiences, she told the audience how, during her captivity, when she thought about cases like hers, it was unusual for authorities to find the victim alive. It was then that the fourteen-year-old self decided to “do whatever it took to survive.”  Holding on to her devout Mormon faith and the knowledge of her family’s love for her, Smart displayed a resilience that carried her through to the end of her captivity and her present life. Continue reading “Elizabeth Smart and the Importance of Perspective”


Georgia Kollias ’17

For those of you who haven’t heard already, Ashley Frangipane has been tearing up the alternative music scene.


My HOBY Story

I am Matthew Santos, and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect about HOBY, the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership. Initially, I thought it would be another boring leadership seminar. But I was very wrong.

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Unexpected Inspiration

Julia Ward ’16

I tried to climb the rope to no avail. My cousin Ellie tried to climb the rope; even Jay, the strongest of us, could not manage to climb it. We were all under the age of twelve, we had no muscles but we were determined to conquer the daring rope, to reach the daunting branch.

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How Much Do You Love Watching TV?

Neil Godbole ’17 and Matt Santos ’17

Society has evolved. Humans evolved. We are no longer animals (although some people act like it), but instead we have evolved into what we are now. And evolution does not stop there. We have organized societies, buildings, and advanced technology. Technology has been advanced to the point where it is hard to imagine life without it.

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