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A Word from the Rubble Staff

Looks a little different around here, doesn’t it?

Welcome to The Rubble’s new webpage. This redesign has been in the works now for quite some time, but it is great to see that it is finally beginning. We loved the old look of The Rubble, but as a whole, the club agreed that it was time for a fresh aesthetic start. Most of the students that remember The Rubble from its first years would agree that its dynamic now is very different than it was just four years ago; where contributions were once few and far between, The Rubble now has a devoted group of contributors and staff members working hard to ensure that the student body’s voice has a public outlet.  We’ve changed a lot over these years, and we felt it was time that the website reflected this change.

So, go ahead! Look around the website, read some of our latest contributions, analyze our new font choices if you want. This is a community for the students, after all.

It’s an exciting road from here. From all of us here at The Rubble, we hope you enjoy it.

Sam Barrett ’16 & Catherine Habgood ’16, Editors

The Rubble: Behind the Scenes

Nic Fort, ’16

Every Thursday afternoon, you may notice some people gone at lunch. Or maybe you don’t. It doesn’t really matter. Anyway, those people are either skipping lunch or they’re at a meeting of the staff of The Rubble, Tower Hill’s student publication, found with its new design at These meetings usually go the same way. They’re advertised in morning assembly with promises of donuts and pizza, and a few people, truth be told, are there just for the food.

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