Katie Saunders ’23

As the 2019 semester came to a close, students all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Winterim and a brief vacation from academic classes had arrived. During Winterim, all high school students enjoyed a variety of lessons ranging from community service to crafts.

For example, the seniors took classes on different life skills that would be applied in college. Courses such as the importance of nutrition, laundry, and how to change a flat tire were all featured. This is just one example of the way in which Tower Hill School is pushing the boundaries on what it means to be a preparatory school. The juniors were able to tour universities in order to hopefully help the process of choosing and applying to college. They were split into groups and then given the opportunity to tour various different colleges including University of Delaware. This opportunity is just one of the many ways Tower Hill tries to be as helpful as possible in the college application process. 

The sophomores meaningfully gave back to their community by spending their time doing service, and they were able to positively affect the Wilmington area. The freshmen were given helpful seminars on multiple different topics such as the brain, consent, and how to react to different situations. They also watched an inspiring documentary about the story of Kevin Hines, the only man to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and survive. He used his struggle to help others overcome mental issues such as depression, and is now an activist who has touched many people across the globe. The freshmen also were able to relax by playing fun games such as dodgeball and making crafts in the 1919.

The 2020 Winterim provided a fun and meaningful break from academic classes, and allowed students to learn in a less traditional manner. Hopefully Winterim will continue as a beloved Tower Hill School hallmark and give students a range of important experiences and lessons.