Isabel Shepherd ’20

 This year, Tower Hill’s Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day celebration included both the annual Day of Service and a half-day including speakers and service. The celebration began on Friday, January 17th with a multimedia retrospective on Dr. King’s life and the Civil Rights Movement. The presentation wove together information about the Civil Rights Movement, images from the time period, and musical performances, including songs like Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind.”

After the presentation, the seniors split off to volunteer at Urban Promise’s new Urban Promise Academy facilities. Urban Promise is a Christian nonprofit that aims “to equip children and young adults through Christ with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth and servant leadership.” Seniors completed a variety of tasks to help prepare the building for the high school students enrolled at the Academy, including installing outlet covers and preparing the walls for paint.

Back on campus, Special Olympics gold medalist Lucy Meyer and Senator Chris Coons spoke to the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Along with her accomplishments in the Special Olympics, Lucy Meyer is a spokesperson for the Special Olympics-UNICEF partnership, and she speaks around the world about her experience with cerebral palsy in order to raise awareness of the challenges people with disabilities face. As a founding member of the Senate Human Rights Caucus, Senator Coons served as a fitting accompaniment to Meyer. Meyer described her experience living with cerebral palsy and her journey to the Special Olympics. Her story is an inspiration to all, and she encouraged the student body to pursue their dreams and work hard.