Isabel Shepherd ’20

Welcome back to The Rubble everyone! As The Rubble goes into its seventh year as a born-digital publication, I’d like to re-state the mission and values of this publication.

The Rubble, at its core, is a student newspaper. At Tower Hill, we have various outlets of student writing: The Insider, The Lit Page, and, of course, us, The Rubble. Our newspaper’s mission, however, is not just to report the news relevant to the student body, but to understand why it is relevant. In order to do this, The Rubble attempts to curate a diverse group of voices from 9th to 12th grade, each passionate about their own respective issues. The Rubble is not bound by the interests of any particular party or group; within the limits of what is deemed school appropriate, we have the freedom to address any issues we find important. At a time when the world, our country, and our school community are all changing rapidly, The Rubble prides itself on being a place where young voices are prioritized and heard. We are proud to present you with the first Rubble update of the Centennial school year, and we look forward to a year of new ideas and growth.