Siena Sysko ’21

Siena spoke with Advanced U.S. Government and Politics teacher Mr. Toy about the current impeachment inquiry.

Siena: Can you explain Impeachment?

Toy: Impeachment would be bringing up Articles of Impeachment in the House of Representatives. It could be one article or it could be multiple articles in the House. To impeach the President, 51% of the House of Representatives vote to impeach. If they impeach the President, it then moves to the Senate, where the Senators act as jurors and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, acts as the presiding judge over what would be President Trump’s impeachment trial. 

S: If Trump gets impeached, it is not necessarily removing him from office?

T: It is not removing him at all.

S: Can you explain the consequences of the inquiry and the impeachment, if it moves to that?

T: The inquiry could have multiple consequences, other things could be looked at besides the Ukranian transcripts. If he is not impeached, it’s over. If he is impeached, it then goes to the Senate and with the current Democratic candidates that are Senators (Warren, Harris, and Booker) they would have to sit through the trial and at the same time run for President. The consequences are obviously going to be political, partisan, and it could simply be very pragmatic issues with time; the current sitting Senators would have to sit through the trial and at the same time try to fundraise, try to campaign, and possibly, depending how long it is, participate in the primaries. 

S: Do you think there is a precedent in place for the inquiry/Have any other impeachments reflected this one?

T: Andrew Johnson’s impeachment was more of a President vs Congress. Clinton’s impeachment, I think, is parallel to the partisanship of this where you are seeing basically down party lines for the most part as of today, this all could change. The precedent of the actual trial itself would probably go with the Clinton impeachment where the House impeached him and the Senate did not convict him. As of now, pundits and political scientists are thinking it would be very difficult to flip the 20 Republican Senators needed to remove President Trump

S: Do you think the Nixon Tapes from Watergate parallel the Ukranian transcripts in any way or are they similar?

T: I do not necessarily think they are similar. I think we need to be careful comparing Watergate to this. There could be very vague similarities but I just do not think they are necessarily apples and apples, so to speak, I think they are more apples and oranges.