Thomas Zehner ’20

This speech was delivered by student body president Thomas Zehner at Centennial Convocation on September 21, 2019.

Hello everyone and welcome to Tower Hill’s Centennial Homecoming! It is amazing to see all of the alumni from around the country returning for a full weekend of Hiller pride. After a great start to the celebration last night with the pep rally, sports games, and other green and white events, we are in store for an amazing day. 

One hundred years have truly been building up to this event and the school has undergone incredible changes throughout our rich history. It is nearly impossible to contemplate what the world was like in this exact spot one century ago; however, what we do know is that many passionate people came together with one common goal in mind: a commitment to advanced education for the students of Wilmington and the world. 

I think our founders would be beaming if they could be here with us today, because we have truly realized their wildest dreams. Tower Hill has been fortunate enough to grow and expand in realms our predecessors who have never thought possible. 

For example, the Hiller’s Robotics team won an innovative technology competition last year, and our global initiatives department now offers service trips and international opportunities spanning from the Great Wall of China all the way to Machu Picchu in Peru,  spreading Tower Hill’s message to every corner of the globe. Our sports programs have claimed countless titles, and our alumni go on to prestigious universities and continue to do remarkable things wheresoe’er they roam. 

However, I think that what would make our founders proud are not the honorable awards, or impressive titles, but rather the fact that for the last one hundred years, Tower Hill School has never wavered from emphasizing strong character. This is the first thing we hear during morning meeting and the last thing we hear in the final huddle of sports practice. 

Each one of these amazing human beings we get to call our faculty truly care about each and every student that walks through our doors. That’s why our students are so well prepared for life after Tower Hill and that’s why all of you have come back to cheer our teams on to victory this weekend. So let’s all go forward and have a party that future Hillers will still be talking about one hundred years from now at the bicentennial. Happy Homecoming!