October 2019

12 Angry Jurors

Katie Saunders ’23

This fall, the THS Theatre Department will be performing 12 Angry Jurors, a play based on the television movie by Reginald Rose.  Continue reading “12 Angry Jurors”

Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is

Harry Saridakis ’20

Have you ever had someone refer to you as “honey?” Imagine a world without that sweet sounding moniker. “Oh molasses, are you okay?” “Hey granulated sugar, how was your day today?” Honey is more than just a way your mother expresses her feelings. It is one of the many amazing things that bees produce.

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Impeachment: Student Perspective

Olivia Langlois ’21

From the moment Donald Trump became President, there have been numerous controversies that surround his political correctness, his policy, and his actions while being President. These controversies range from Russian involvement in the US election to the border wall when dealing with immigration. None have come as close to impeachment as the most recent flaw in Trump’s Presidency: Ukraine. Now, as this topic is extremely polarizing, I will be giving the facts as well as an opinionated Democratic (big D as in the party) side.

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Welcome (Back) to the Rubble

Isabel Shepherd ’20

Welcome back to The Rubble everyone! As The Rubble goes into its seventh year as a born-digital publication, I’d like to re-state the mission and values of this publication. Continue reading “Welcome (Back) to the Rubble”

Impeachment: Interview With Mr. Toy

Siena Sysko ’21

Siena spoke with Advanced U.S. Government and Politics teacher Mr. Toy about the current impeachment inquiry.

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Centennial Homecoming Address

Thomas Zehner ’20

This speech was delivered by student body president Thomas Zehner at Centennial Convocation on September 21, 2019.

Hello everyone and welcome to Tower Hill’s Centennial Homecoming! It is amazing to see all of the alumni from around the country returning for a full weekend of Hiller pride. After a great start to the celebration last night with the pep rally, sports games, and other green and white events, we are in store for an amazing day. 

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