Skye Wu ’19 and Isabel Shepherd ’20

This month, we bring you one of the most daring men of our time: Alex Honnold. Alex’s miraculous ascents of perilously BIG WALLS could put the fear of God in any living being.

Alex’s crowning achievement was his successful free solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Documented in the BAFTA-winning film Free Solo, this incredible achievement was captivating to watch. Forgoing a traditional education, Alex dropped out of University of California, Berkeley to pursue his dream: travelling around the United States (by minivan) and climbing the nation’s tallest peaks, setting records along the way.  

As an avid nature lover, Honnold is committed to sustainable development, as evidenced by his foundation, which seeks to reduce “environmental impact and [address] inequality by supporting solar energy initiatives worldwide.” We would like to congratulate Honnold on his awe-inspiring feat and the recent BAFTA win.