December 2018

Husband of The Month: Stanley Tucci

Skye Wu ’19 and Isabel Shepherd ’20

Hello friends! Welcome to Husband of the Month, where we introduce you to the
best of the best men in HollyWU’d (non-trash of the male species). Continue reading “Husband of The Month: Stanley Tucci”

the shortest story of your life: A Short Story

Bennett Fort ’19

Early on, my brother told me that the shortest story of my life would be the one I get to tell myself. He told me this with little to no context and it’s something I’ve been trying to decipher ever since I heard it. I was 17 at the time, lacking any sort of knowledge about how a real story worked. All I saw were the words on the page, and not what was beneath them. Continue reading “the shortest story of your life: A Short Story”

The Holy Morning Trinity: Part 2

Peter DeSantis ’19

It is Sunday afternoon, and I just remembered I signed a three-article deal with The Rubble. Because I will probably be busy watching Criminal Minds during the week, I have decided to start my second article today. So now, let me formally introduce myself and Chapter 2 of The Holy Morning Trinity.

Continue reading “The Holy Morning Trinity: Part 2”

Generation Why

Olivia Langlois ’21

So recognizing that I had no idea when the deadline was for this particular Rubble article was, I decided to begin writing it while having little to no idea what I would write about but a fair amount of gumption. My typical work style includes listening to music too loudly while working, and this was no different. In the background was Conan Gray’s “Generation Why,” it’s a gamble as to whether or not anyone who reads this will know what this song is about since it only has around 2.6 million views on YouTube. Not shabby, but no smash hit. This song basically describes Generation Y and their sense of displacement in this seemly wild world. Continue reading “Generation Why”

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