April 2018

A Behind the Scenes Look @ The Rubble

Bennett Fort ’19

Prior to spring break, I was tasked by our other fearless leader, Simi Olurin, with filming a VLOG. I did that, but it sucked. Now, instead of the VLOG, I am releasing this still very bad behind the scenes look at the Rubble. From a year ago. Enjoy!

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Yeah I’m a Sikh…So What?

Kirit Minhas ’20

Although Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world, I still see people squint their eyes in confusion when I tell them that I am a Sikh. Not a Hindu, not a Muslim, but a Sikh. And also when they are told that I am, in fact, a male, despite the length of my hair. The extent of my struggle with Sikhism has been a lack of awareness and misgendering. Ever since I can remember, people have confused me for the opposite sex. I would walk into my favorite restaurant with my mother and sister, excited to have some good food, only to hear the waitress say, “How can I help you, ladies?”. My heart would be crushed immediately. Over time, I grew accustomed to this, and until today there is an everlasting battle in my mind over my religion and identity. In fact, identity has been one of my largest areas of bewilderment. But because of this lack of awareness and the struggle it has caused in my life, my sister and I decided to take a stand, working with our father last year to have the Delaware State House and Senate pass a concurrent resolution declaring April 2018 as Delaware Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month in three weeks, on March 27, just as they had done last year. Our hope is that by starting small, we can spread awareness to prevent other Sikh boys from having the struggle I have had.

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Simi Olurin ’19

It amazes me how our generation never ceases to come up with slang that I somehow never catch on to until it’s too late. Maybe it’s just me being out of touch or the fact that I’m a 60-year-old retiree in spirit, but either way, I have no idea what people my age are saying about half the time. On some level, it doesn’t really bother me at all, because I have NEVER felt the need to elaborate on a 13-year-old screaming “Yeet” in my face, or exclaiming that the kid who stubbed his toe and didn’t cry is “savage”, but sometimes it really does start to pester me.


I think the word that took me the longest to actually understand was “bagged”. I’m not saying it was hard to understand what it meant (a state of sadness of some sort), but it seems as though its meaning has changed immensely with time. And it could actually be the downfall of every young person that uses it.

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Detrimentally Delaying the Inevitable

Jake Spruance ’19

Procrastination is an epidemic. Personally, I struggle with it, but I’m definitely not the worst. Some days, I’ll get home from sports at around 6:00, eat dinner, then go up to my room, sit at my desk, and do absolutely everything I can to not be productive for the next hour or two, until starting my work. Eventually, that familiar panicked feeling sets in, and I blow through all my homework or studying and go to sleep much later than I should.I could be managing my time more efficiently and getting to sleep earlier, but I never do. Continue reading “Detrimentally Delaying the Inevitable”

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