Simi Olurin ’19

iChat has been gone since 2012, you know, the year that Apple made a huge mistake and replaced it with “messages”. Honestly, how DARE they. They just decided that they were going to get rid of iChat and strip me and my middle school friends of this revolutionary app.


It’s been about 6 years, but I’m still not over it. I’m sure some of you may know this, but my entire fifth grade WAS iChat. After school it was an unspoken rule that my friends and I would hop on our computers and video chat (or “VC”) each other to discuss the daily middle school gossip.



Whenever people think back to the drama that was going on in middle school, they always think “wow, that really wasn’t that big of a deal.” Well not me. When I think back I still think of the events that would happen on a daily basis on the level of a soap opera. iChat is where friendships were born, where friendships ended, relationships started then very ABRUPTLY ended (remember, this was middle school)


Part of the huge issue that I have with the replacement of iChat with messages is the fact that iChat was just BETTER, not only for nostalgic purposes, but it had wayyyyy better features.

There was the standard audio call, which I admit, no one actually used because it’s basically just like a phone call on a computer which no one thought was cool, but it was always nice to see the little phone icon there.

Then there was the chatting option, which was essentially just instant messaging, which is what I ASSUME they were going for with the messages app, but it’s really not the same…

The coolest part, in my opinion, was the fact that there was screen sharing. SCREEN SHARING! Do you know how important that was to us? There was no NEED for screenshotting or risking sending the screenshot of a conversation back to the participant in said conversation. You could just click on the screen sharing icon and have your friend SEE FOR THEMSELVES! This, my friends, is a tragic loss.

Then the crowned jewel of the entire enterprise was the video chatting icon. Do not speak to me about the fact that there is FaceTime. I simply don’t want to hear it…I’m pretty sure that at this point I’m not strong enough to hear it. Video chatting allowed up to FOUR people, AND you could put effects on your video, AND you could record your video chats to capture any funny moments. Like seriously, are you joking? FaceTime has been around since 2010 and they have yet to advance to a point where you can record, add effects, or, most importantly, have a 4 way call. Shameful.


This may seem like the rant of a bitter middle schooler. END OF SENTENCE. Because that is exactly what this is. I’m still mad and I’m pretty sure I always will be. No clean ending. No happy moral of the story. Just frustration.