February 2018

The Greatest Day of My Life: A Short Story

Joseph Pinto ’19

The greatest day of my life occurred on April 17, the day I dueled seven hundred German cockroaches at the Stewart household and then went to see my daughter Dahlia’s second-grade play. They performed a version of Romeo and Juliet that was dumbed down for second graders, but if you ask me the play could hardly be called Romeo and Juliet given that Romeo and Juliet sailed away together happily in the end as the Capulets and Montagues waved while hugging each other. Continue reading “The Greatest Day of My Life: A Short Story”

I Want iChat Back

Simi Olurin ’19

iChat has been gone since 2012, you know, the year that Apple made a huge mistake and replaced it with “messages”. Honestly, how DARE they. They just decided that they were going to get rid of iChat and strip me and my middle school friends of this revolutionary app.


It’s been about 6 years, but I’m still not over it. I’m sure some of you may know this, but my entire fifth grade WAS iChat. After school it was an unspoken rule that my friends and I would hop on our computers and video chat (or “VC”) each other to discuss the daily middle school gossip.



Continue reading “I Want iChat Back”

Water (Poem)

Skye Wu ’19

The mountainous blueness


onto the sand of my childhood,


onto the sand castles I built.

Roaring waves,

but underneath is

deathly silence.

Continue reading “Water (Poem)”

The Drought in Cape Town, South Africa

Rory Britt ’18

Hello there, I am Rory Britt, and this is a bit of a global segment where I pick a place and talk about an issue there that matters a lot. I just recently wrapped up my first semester English class, Postcolonial Literature with Dr. Matlin. In it, we focused heavily on South Africa in both an Apartheid and post-Apartheid era, especially around Cape Town, South Africa. Continue reading “The Drought in Cape Town, South Africa”

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