November 2017

Hallway Haikus

Caroline Solacoff ’19, Peter DeSantis ’19, and  Matthew Grande ’19

Students are ambushed during the school day and challenged to create a haiku on the spot.


Athletes of the Month: October

Bo Anderson ’18

Congratulations to our Athletes of the Month for October: Taylor Stenz and Aidan Donoho! These athletes were voted for by their captains and the members of the Athletics’ Board for their stellar abilities and achievements.

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Tower Hill JV Tennis Returns from Singapore

Jake Spruance ’19
Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.18.49 PM

We all love our state championships, varsity teams, and star players. But what about our international championships, our junior varsity teams, and our gold medalists? Before I go any further, I must make a disclaimer. I’ll admit it, the last article about JV tennis has some false elements in it. I was not entirely truthful, and I now realize that I contributed in the process of spreading fake news. I lied, and now we’ve all paid for it. Hopefully now I can make amends by telling you guys the truth. JV tennis is not going to Singapore in four years time like I had initially specified. I know you’re all very upset and I could not be more sorry for my actions. Instead, the team went to Singapore this summer. Continue reading “Tower Hill JV Tennis Returns from Singapore”

Notes from THS Vocal Ensemble

Mark Cordell ’18

       The Vocal Ensemble has had a busy fall!  Our talented Choral Director, Mrs. Martin, has chosen challenging and beautiful pieces for the group to perform.  This year they have already had the opportunity to perform at several Alumni and Open House events, and are looking forward to a music-filled Holiday season!  In addition to performing for our Tower Hill School community, the Vocal Ensemble is excited to be able to perform at the “Christmas at Bellevue” Holiday Gala, the Christmas Village in Philadelphia, and at the Delaware Museum of the Arts.

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The Unknown Moment

Kirit Minhas ’20

Everything was black. But he could hear the doctor… How?

“I’m so sorry ma’am. He’s gone. We did everything we could.…”

It’s the moment that nobody knows about. It’s the moment that every single person is curious about.

What is happening? Where am I going? A million questions floated in Charlie’s mind. Is this real? All of a sudden, there was a huge booming voice.

“Welcome! You have completed THE GAME.”

What the heck? thought Charlie. What game? Am I dead? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Everything was still black. He couldn’t see anything. All he had heard was the deep, monotonous voice delivering a very confusing message. He tried to ponder what it could be, but he could feel himself slowly drowning in a sea of darkness.

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Field Hockey Interview with The Captains

 Simi Olurin ’19

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