Bennett Fort ’19

The utter and lonely silence in the house was shattered by the front door bursting open.  Of the two people that entered the house, only one turned immediately around to reinforce the door.  Having finished making sure it would not open, this person turned to the other.  Their heavy breathing was all that could be heard in the house following the previous jarring activity.

“Hey, hey, calm down, we’re fine now!  We’re safe in here Ellie.”

“How the hell do you know that?” Ellie slowly said through tears.  “That thing chased us all the way here!  There are windows all over the house, and they’re easier to get through than that front door!”  BOOM!  They turned abruptly toward the door.  The sound came three more times before ceasing.  It was as if the silence that followed the final “BOOM” coincided with a massive sigh of relief.  Although, the two people inside the dark house knew it wasn’t over.

The boy pulled out his phone and turned on the flashlight on the backside of it.  He then grasped Ellie by the hand and they slowly inched away from the front door, although still facing it.  Ellie’s back bumped into the banister, inciting a scream.  The boy then turned from the door to hug her.  “It’s gonna be fine.  Let’s just head to the back door and get out.  We’ll be fine.”  As the two moved further and further into the house, safety seemed to move further and further away from them.  The back door they were searching so desperately for was nowhere in sight, even as they went towards the back of the house.  Finally, the two of them reached the back of the house, but no matter how much they scanned the long wall for a door, they couldn’t find one.

“Geez, it’s cold in here.  You’d think being inside would make it warm.”

“C’mon Ellie, it’s also November, of course it’s cold.  Dammit!  Where is this door?!”  The boy slammed his fist against the wall.  Meanwhile, Ellie was heading off, in search of something.  And find something she did.

“Hey, Steve!”

“What?” He came racing into the room Ellie was in.  There, straight across from both of them was a smashed window.  “Shit!”

“You think it’s recent?”  Ellie was worried, Steve could hear it in her voice.  

“I don’t know, but let’s head out the window and get out of here!”  Ellie stayed still.  Steve already had one foot out the window.”

“Wait!  What if it’s tricking us?”

“What are talking about Ellie?  This thing is stupid, it can’t trick us.”  As he finished his sentence and stepped the rest of the way out of the window, a massive axe came flying across the lawn and collided with Steve.  He fell, motionless.

“NOOOOOOOO!”  Ellie burst into tears as a figure moved towards Steve’s body, grabbed the axe, and began to step through the window.  Ellie couldn’t make out what exactly it was, but she knew it was dangerous, so she ran.  She ran upstairs and into one of the bedrooms.  She crawled under the bed.  Footsteps reverberated throughout the house as the thing made its way upstairs.

Ellie covered her mouth to hide her sobbing.  The thing came into the room Ellie was in.  She looked around under the bed for anything.  But, there was only a small paperclip.  “It could buy me a few seconds if I use it effectively,” Ellie thought.  Suddenly, the bed was thrown away from her and she grabbed the paper clips quickly.  She jumped up and jabbed it straight into the thing’s head, or at least what she thought was its head.  But there was nowhere to run to, as the figure was blocking the doorway.  She looked around frantically, spotted a window and threw herself out of it.  Everything went black.

As she began to wake up the figure was slowly creeping over to her, dragging the axe through the grass, just fifteen feet where Steve’s body lay.  She tried to get her bearings and began to sit up.  Still sobbing, she pulled herself onto her feet, and limped away, slowly.  Her right leg had a protuberance and Ellie was in extreme pain as she tried to get away from the thing.  She kept moving, eventually turning onto a road to see a police car with its sirens on, furiously moving down the street.  She lunged out into the road to get the car’s attention.  The car braked abruptly.

Two police officers jumped out, drawing their guns immediately.  

“What it that thing?” The officers were obviously puzzled.  Only they weren’t looking further down the street, at the figure standing there, they were instead looking at Ellie. 

“No idea,” the other officer said just before pulling the trigger.  The shot was ear-splitting.  Ellie lay motionless in the middle of the street.  Only now, both officers could see that it was only a girl.  ‘Oh shit!”  They moved frantically, calling for an ambulance, radioing for more cops.

Further down the street, the figure turned around and disappeared back into the shadows, satisfied with its work.