October 2017

Infiltrating a Cult, Part 1: Escaping with My Life

Simi Olurin ’19

Most of us know what a cult is an all-consuming collective of individuals that is capable of not only corrupting its members, but of successfully crippling one’s ability to think for himself or herself. We’ve heard of the Manson family as well as Scientology, and I’m sure that we all believe that we would never be as susceptible as others to the brainwashing tactics the cult leaders employ. However, I’m positive that many cult members believed that they too were strong enough to withstand the influence of the higher-ups, so how can we be sure that we ourselves are strong enough?

I decided to investigate my own strength.

This is the story of my infiltration of a cult, and the stories from within. Continue reading “Infiltrating a Cult, Part 1: Escaping with My Life”

Gun Control- Another View

Caroline Deyrup ’21

Guns, in short, kill people.  Many buy them out of fear of criminals and for self-defense, but more gun-involved homicides have malicious intent or result in accidental injuries or deaths.  While some believe people should have the right to firearms because of the Second and Fourteenth Amendments, others believe that changes are needed. Continue reading “Gun Control- Another View”

What I (Currently) Think About Gun Control

Rory Britt ’18

Gun control has yet again become a hot-button issue in America, as we see the devastating results of guns on a mass of civilians in Las Vegas. It is after events like this most recent one, that many Americans shake their heads and wonder why we even have guns in the first place. “Why have guns when all they are meant to do is end another’s life?” “Why have guns for defense when the police can protect you?”

These are remarks that many conservatives and liberals view as incredibly dangerous to our country. We are a nation that prides itself on its freedom, from a free market, to free movement, to yes, the freedom to own guns. So when many people hear those above remarks, they grow fearful that their freedoms and civil liberties may be infringed upon, and that is a very valid point. Continue reading “What I (Currently) Think About Gun Control”

Figure: A Short Story

Bennett Fort ’19

The utter and lonely silence in the house was shattered by the front door bursting open.  Of the two people that entered the house, only one turned immediately around to reinforce the door.  Having finished making sure it would not open, this person turned to the other.  Their heavy breathing was all that could be heard in the house following the previous jarring activity.

Continue reading “Figure: A Short Story”

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