Bennett Fort ’19

The film Guardians of the Galaxy was universally loved. However, the recent follow-up to it is not receiving such acclaim.  But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love it.  In fact, in my opinion, Guardians Vol. 2 is not only superior to its predecessor but is also a remedy to what I feel recent Marvel films have left me feeling.

Now, to give a little background for those that haven’t seen the first film, the Guardians of the Galaxy saved the galaxy in the last movie and now are working as “heroes for hire.”  The new film picks up a couple months after the events of the first movie and sees the Guardians protecting the home planet of the Sovereign from an alien monstrosity. And that’s how it all starts; I’ll leave you to experience it.

Onto why this movie is so good. First off, it’s incredibly funny.  This film relies more on running jokes than one-offs, which is something that I rather enjoyed about it, but running jokes aren’t for everyone. On top of the humor, the film just looks amazing. Bright colors are ubiquitous and every shot of the film is spectacular.  And of course, the music is “AWESOME.” (Wow, I’m good.)

But, all of those things, while they make the movie a solid follow-up to the first Guardians movie, are not what make it better than the first.  What makes it better is the characters. Yeah, I know that all of the characters were in the first movie, but this time, they are all given distinct backstories that make the viewer care for them.  That’s why when the emotional moments come, they hit harder than they do in other Marvel movies (save for Logan).

And that is why this movie is so much better than the first; that’s also what makes me feel better after recent Marvel movies.  Not because of the action, or the humor, or the music.  But because of the way the characters are presented, and how emotional events happen to them, and you feel exactly how they feel.  Because you now know why they feel like that.  Recent Marvel movies have had emotional moments, but they lack the weight that the ones in this movie have.  Past Marvel movies did not tell the viewer why they should care about that character, like in Civil War, when Tony Stark gets mad at Bucky for killing his mom.  You learned that Tony loved his mom more than his dad two hours earlier in the movie.  Meanwhile, everything between Peter Quill and his mom is drilled into your brain from the last movie, and Vol. 2 builds off that.

Also, Vol. 2 has Baby Groot.  His cuteness automatically makes Vol. 2 better than the first, and better than most Marvel movies.

Score: 9/10