Louise Conaty ’17

We, here at Tower Hill, have a lot to be thankful for and proud of this past Fall. As we enter the Holiday Season and Thanksgiving break, I decided to compile a few of our school’s many accomplishments over the past couple of months. It is truly a wonderful time to be a Hiller.

First off, Ann Guzzetta has led our community outreach board to new levels of greatness with their countless service projects. The Hunger Games Dodgeball tournament was a huge hit, and Alexis Burn’s Run Like Britt race was a major success! In addition, Blue Gold’s color run was more of a white powder run, but all in all it was a great time. And just in time for Thanksgiving, our annual Hiller Harvest proved that a small school can do big things, when it comes to service.

This Fall was also an extremely important time for our seniors. They applied to college and are getting ready to open the next chapter of their lives. In addition, many of our seniors voted for the first time in what was one of the most heated elections in history. Furthermore, the senior SGA officers have introduced the weekly SGA videos to the Upper School, which perfectly wrap up each new and exciting week.

Tower Hill’s theater department put on their fall production, Flyer, and impressed us all with their amazing performance. Congratulations to everyone involved in such a wonderful production! Also, in the art realm Mr. Keim introduced pep music to the Tower Hill Concert band, which completely transformed our homecoming pep-rally.

Also this fall, Mr. Silva helped enrich our Upper School with the addition of many new international students, helping to make Tower Hill a “school of the world.” Tower Hill now represents students of many different nationalities, including China, Germany, Afghanistan, Guatemala, and the Czech Republic. Many of our students also hosted students from Scotland. These international experiences have been incredible.

Most recently, our Fall sports have finished their seasons, and there is so much to be proud of.  Cross country ran hard races all year, and we will never forget when the cross country girls beat the boys during the Homecoming tug-o-war. Our football team ended their season with a record of 6-3, a great accomplishment. Volleyball brought our whole school together during their tournament run and finished third in the state. We continue to be so proud of them. Field Hockey knocked the five-year defending state champions, Cape Henlopen, out of the tournament and ended their one-hundred game in state winning streak, and THS hockey finished their season second in the state. Finally, our soccer team brought home the state title in an exhilarating 4-2 game against Indian River—the first Tower Hill soccer championship since 1988. Congratulations to all of our athletes! We may be a small school, but this Fall, we proved that anything is possible.

And not to forget, Dr. Brown and Mr. McQueen wowed us all by blowing up a pumpkin on Halloween. Oh, and most importantly, the new frozen yogurt machine has made the Tower Hill lunch experience unforgettable.  Also, the Astronomy club took great advantage of our amazing observatory and observed mars!

And amongst all of this excitement, the Rubble has published more articles, attracted more members, received more website views, and generated greater enthusiasm for the school than ever before!

As you can see, we Hillers have a lot to be proud of this Fall. So this break, please, take a break from all the excitement and spend some time with your family—And, don’t forget to thank your parents for sending you here. Let’s make this Winter even better than our amazing Fall!

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