Simi Olurin ’18

Over the past few years, Tower Hill has taken many strides in order to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of mass media. The school has garnered a social network presence through the work of both faculty and students. Some assets to our internet presence are purely internal, and others reach beyond our own walls.

Tower Hill’s Instagram is run solely by the faculty at this school. It works to display many of Tower Hill’s activities and encourage new students to go here. Not only can the advertising benefits be seen, but the photography displayed is captivating. The school’s Instagram serves mostly as a window into the Tower Hill community, for those on the outside are able to see what truly comes with being a Hiller!

The school Snapchat is the form of social media that mostly serves internal purposes. Not only does it work to show game highlights in order to keep the Upper School engaged in athletics, but it also announces a myriad of events and information. The stories on the Snapchat are available to anyone who has added the school to their friend list, so they are endowed with the gift of awareness with just a few simple clicks. The faculty have essentially let the students have free reign on the project, and it has gone very well thus far. Although a few people are able to make their own updates–board chairs–the sophomore SGA officers have taken dominion over the Snapchat. The transfer of information is very simple, for anyone who wishes to have something announced on the Snapchat can simply have one of the officers post it, and the entire Upper School is at once privy to that information.

Tower Hill’s YouTube page consists of videos ranging from the achievements of the students to videos of the forum speakers at the school. Many important aspects of the school are covered on the YouTube, including student interviews, class activities, and departmental analysis. Not only is the YouTube a great way for new students to get to know their school, but it is also a remarkable outlet for students to look back on some of the things that happened during school careers.  

Twitter has proved useful to Tower Hill in many ways.  The school’s faculty administers tweet about large-scale events that involve the entire school as well as information to prospective parents. Some students run the school’s student Twitter, which often consists of game results and shoutouts to key players. And there also exists the most epic twitter that has ever been created: The Tower Hill Girl’s Basketball Twitter. To_the_bob not only has videos of the very close-knit team, but also live coverage of multiple games. The founders of the twitter have recently graduated, but the awe inspiring twitter account lives on.

Tower Hill has proven their ability to keep up with the innovation of media; the school’s willingness to adapt not only makes it more versatile, but it inspires its students to have the same openness to change. The school has learned that it must flow with the current of nature in order to continue, for those that adapt are the most likely to survive.