Simi Olurin ’19

Because the report cards have come out, sending several students scrambling to do damage control with their parents, the first quarter of the school year has officially come to a close. The first two and a half months of school was a grueling period of time, with many long nights, challenging tests, and fits of spontaneous crying along the way. However, sometimes the school can get to you, not from the large-scale entities, but from the small idiosyncrasies that can no longer go unnoticed. The first quarter provided ample amount of time to accumulate a healthy list of pet peeves, so continue reading if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to complain because I am willing to do it for both of us.

WARNING: Although many of the things on this list apply to myself personally, I feel as though I have referenced annoyances that affect the vast majority of people, but know that some things on here may not necessarily apply to you. Also, I am not saying that I am not an offender because I will admit that I am behind some of these pet peeves as well.

Someone Taking “Your” Seat: We all know that in most of our classes there is no assigned seating, but you find comfort in sitting in the spot that you claimed on the first day of school. You’re not really sure why YOU do it, but at a certain point it’s just out of respect to the rest of the class. But every so often, one student feels the urge to “spice things up a bit” and sets fire to your well-established system. When they take the seat of someone else, forcing a chain reaction of seating “chaos,” the irritation can be felt throughout the entirety of the class; you may look around and be slightly dismayed seeing a new face in a new chair.  But all bets are off when it’s YOUR chair!  To walk into class and see one of your peers, someone you thought respected the sanctity of seating, comfortably resting in your seat, this is enough to induce a hurricane of tears enacting full-blown, ugly crying. You can’t help but feel like an unwanted squatter in your new seat. As you sit fuming, there’s a brief second where you think “it’s not necessarily MY seat, anyone can sit there”, but then you snap out of this nonsense and realize that someone has just declared war on you, and you carry on being hurt.  

Slow Walkers: This one may be completely personal, but it needs to be said.  Hallways are for efficiently getting to one’s next class. However, some people walk around like daydreaming children.  Me?  I’m a hallway shark, needing to move, and I like to keep a brisk pace; however, that is nearly impossible to do with slow walkers populating the halls. I will take into account that I am tall, and my stride is longer than an average person can manage, but I will not make excuses for the people who stop in the middle of the hallway to have a conversation. I’m not talking about the lounges, which were designed for either work or socializing.  I’m talking about stopping in a narrow hallway for a quick chat with friends. At a certain point, I try to be understanding, because school can be a place where sometimes you feel the need to talk to a friendly face, but others need to realize that you wouldn’t purposely block a straw to slow your drink down, would you?

Charger Supremacy: Many people bring their chargers to school because they know that their device will die at some point during the day without plugging it in. As they are using their charger, a deficient beggar may come up to them with their device, hoping to gain usage of their coveted charger. However, they will go about it in the manner of “I only have 9% and you have 56! Can I use it really quickly?”

People Holding Conversations While You’re Wearing Headphones: This one is very self-explanatory. If you are in one of your free periods enjoying your music in the responsible manner, with headphones on, you have a right to your temporary break from life around you. However, if some jabroni comes up to you and proceeds to engage you in a full-blown, two-sided conversation, then you have the right to be a bit miffed. It was not as if they had already been talking and then you had put in your headphones mid-conversation, because in that situation the music lover would be the offender; but no, you already had your headphones locked, loaded, and in position.

Edge of Your Seat: The cafeteria must hold every Upper School student at Tower Hill at one time. The lines alone signify how crowded the lunch room can get. Because the tables are packed so close together, people often find themselves needing to find new strategic ways to maneuver themselves out of their own seats in order to avoid spilling their food when they clear. The job is hard enough, but some people seem to be dead-set on making the task similar to a challenge on “Survivor”. Some enjoy sitting on the very edge of their seats, and this causes their chairs to take up more space than necessary. I’m not really sure what the appeal is in eating your food as if you have to get up and sprint from your spot at any given second, but it is still a popular way of sitting. Not only is this a common pet peeve, but it can easily be seen as a safety hazard, so let’s leave the ankle breaking for the courts.

I will stick to the most important criticism here.  If you feel that a pressing pet peeve was not covered, make sure to check in at the end of the semester!