Matt Rovner ’17

The clock in the kitchen struck 7:41. He heard a scream. He picked up the duffel bag. It was time to go.

43 minutes earlier. 

The uninvited Bon Iver plays the ballad “Skinny Love” while James yearns for 10 more minutes. James rolls out of his soft linen sheets as his feet sink into his slippers. He saunters over to the bathroom and puts on his glasses. His hair is black and greasy, disheveled and untamed. He turns on the shower and gets in. Thoughts of work and friends cross his mind. There must be something I forgot, wonders James. The water is scorching, just the way he likes it. His skin is awakened as the hot needle-like droplets- pelt his skin. He turns off the water and dries off. It is 7:17. James goes to the mirror once more and procures shaving cream and a razor from the drawer in the sink. He coats his hands in the foamy substance as he begins to shave his unkempt three-day beard. It is 7:22. He puts on a sweater and a pair of khakis. He then decides to wear a sweatshirt and jeans. He puts on his socks and shoes. It is 7:32. His soon-to-be wife lays in the bed. It is 7:34. He kisses her on the cheek and says hi to their soon-to-be-born son. Seven months ago they found out she was pregnant. He asked her to marry him the next day. They would have a summer wedding. Small, just for close friends and family. 7:36. James heads to the kitchen and takes a baby-blue ceramic coffee mug out of the cupboard. He pours himself a cup of coffee. One cream and one sugar. He wonders if he will be a good father. 7:39 He has to go to work soon. 7:40. The sun had just peeked in between the willow trees in the front yard. The clock in the kitchen strikes 7:41. He hears a scream, “James, I think my water just broke!”

He picks up the duffel bag that she had told him to pack for the emergency room. It was time to go. The next chapter of his life starts now.