Louise Conaty ’17

While many current Tower Hill teams are excelling in their fall seasons, I decided to check in on two of Tower Hill’s finest athletes who have decided to take their hard work and talent to the next level with college athletics. Sophie Peipher, who was a fearless leader and star on both the Tower Hill Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams, now plays Field Hockey for Swarthmore college, and she will also play lacrosse during the Spring season. Steven Siegfried shined on the Tower Hill soccer team not only with his skills but also his tremendous leadership. Steven now plays soccer for Franklin and Marshall.  

Here are a few questions I posed to the recent alums.

How have you been enjoying college/your fall sport so far?

Sophie: I’m so glad that I decided to play field hockey this fall! One of my favorite parts of college so far is the team. It was nice to come into college and have 18 immediate friends to sit with at meals and hang out with. Everyone is so nice and supportive of you both on and off the field.

Steven:  I am enjoying my choice to participate in college sports. Being part of what really is a family/brotherhood that is working toward the same goal is very motivating and fun to be a part of.

In what ways did Tower Hill Athletics prepare you for your college sport?

Sophie: Tower Hill athletics prepared me so well for college sports. Through my sports career at Tower Hill, I learned the expectations that come along with being a student-athlete and how to balance sports with everything else going on in your life. Communication between you and  your coaches, teachers, and teammates, and setting your priorities, is key to being successful in balancing school, academics, and your social life. The many high-intensity, rigorous practices greatly prepared me for the expectations and pace of college sports, making my transition from high school sports to college sports smooth. Tower Hill athletics also taught me the importance of fitness and hard work, which enabled me to come into preseason as one of the fitter players on the team.

Steven: Tower Hill sports, specifically Coach Aitken and Coach Sharon, taught me the importance of family and playing for the guy next to you. My junior year was a big year for me, our team, and the Tower Hill’s Soccer Program. They taught us how to improve who we were playing beside, as well as to learn from our teammates. In doing so it brought our team to be state-finalists and semi-finalists the following year, and I am proud to be a part of Tower Hill Soccer’s new reputation.

In what ways did Tower Hill falter in preparing your for the collegiate sport’s level?

Sophie:  I honestly can’t really think of anything that Tower Hill failed in preparing me for college sports so far.

Steven: As far as areas they could improve, I think we lacked some discipline during practice and preseason, which hurt our physical preparation.  My preseason here was nothing compared to Tower Hill’s, and the mentality everyone here has coming into the season is much different from high school

Any words of wisdom for the Tower Hill fall sports teams?

Sophie: Continue to work hard, but also have fun and enjoy every second of your high school athletic career.
Steven: I would say, enjoy the time you have left to play at Tower Hill; as much fun as I’m having now, I would still love to go back and play one more game on DeGroat Field.

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