Matt Santos ’17

Note: All winners chosen by the coaches of their respective teams.

Volleyball Athlete of September: Abby Carpenter

Coach Michael Sachs says, “Last season,  Abby was switched from a defensive player to an offensive, front row player because of our team’s needs. This season, we switched her back to being our libero, a specialized, defensive, back-row-only player.   Abby has been one of only two primary passers in our serve receive.  While this is a lot of pressure and responsibility, Abby never lets it show.  She not only focuses on her jobs of passing and defense, she is also calm, mindful, and experienced enough to help some of the younger players be in the correct position on both receive and defense. Abby’s play has been exemplary, and when the inevitable bad play occurs, she is able to put it behind her and refocus on the next play, as all great competitors do.  Abby has been one of the key pieces for our success this season.”   

Volleyball Shoutout: JV and Bench

Coach Michael Sachs says, “Momentum, energy, and confidence are a big part of volleyball. We were down two sets to none to number one ranked, Padua Academy, at Padua.  The Junior Varsity squad and the bench were instrumental in rallying our team.  Even though we were down the first two sets, our bench and JV celebrated every point that we did get.  Their energy helped change the momentum in the third set. During time outs the JV team’s “THS! THS!” cheers made it seem as if we were playing at home.  The support continued in our win against Friends.  We had just lost badly to them a week prior in their gym. Our JV again led the charge, and our bench could hardly be kept in their seats as we won in three sets.  Without the support of the Junior Varsity squad and our bench players, we would not have had such a successful month.”

Field Hockey Athlete of September: Isabelle Pilson

Coach Robin Adair says, “I would have to select Isabelle Pilson as the field hockey player of the month. She is not only extremely talented, but she works hard and gives 200% every day at practices and in games. She sets a great example for her teammates and communicates well on and off of the field. Her skills are impressive; she is exceptionally fit, and she never gives up or stops moving. Isabelle is a great playmaker and has set up many of our goals, as well as scoring quite a few herself. She is very coachable and a true team player in every way.”

Soccer Athletes of September: Malcolm Johnson, Jamie Spruance, and Andrew Cercena

Coach Chris Aitken says, “It is tough to just pick one athlete of the month for our soccer team, and we feel that we should start with our leaders of the team. Andrew Cercena, Jamie Spruance, and Malcolm Johnson have done a great job in the preseason and throughout the month of September of really setting the tone for our team this year. Each captain brings their own leadership skills to the table, and together they have really developed a competitive but respectful culture within our team. The soccer team is currently 7-1, and without the dedication of these three players, we are not sure where we would be this season. Andrew leads our team in goals with 13. Malcolm is able to draw enough attention in games with his speed and technical skills that it creates opportunities for the rest of our team. Jamie is our emotional leader, and he brings energy and passion to our practices and games that allow us to play at a high level. We are proud of the way in which these three leaders have shaped our program.”

Girls Cross Country Athlete of September: Bara Kvasnickova

Coach Annie Zeberkiewicz says, “The girls’ cross country athlete of the month is Bara Kvasnickova. She joins us from Prague, Czech Republic, and quickly fits into our team of runners. She sets a good example and brings the perfect amount of enthusiasm to each practice. Her “can do” attitude contributes to her steady improvement with each meet, and her encouraging words always push her teammates to do their best as well. Since she joined the team in August, she has continued to build speed and strength, lowering her time by close to a minute at the Joe O’Neill Invitational this past weekend.”

Boys Cross Country Athlete of September: Hudson Pepper

Coach Annie Zeberkiewicz says, “The boys’ cross country athlete of the month is Hudson Pepper. Voted captain by his peers, Hudson lives up to his role, leading by example and guiding from his experiences. Running 15:48 at this past weekend’s Joe O’Neill Invitational, Hudson becomes the fastest runner in Tower Hill history. Aside from contributing athletically, Hudson is always out there encouraging his teammates, putting them before himself. As the sportsmanship award winner from last year, he is a great example of what it means to be a Tower Hill athlete.”

Football Athletes of September: Tej Vaddi, Matthew Rovner, Charlie Quimby, Luke Frietze, Will Borda, Philip Nickel, Gui Trindade, and Jake Falco

Coach Kevin Waesco says, “The football team’s athlete of the month is the entire offensive line.  The players who have led the way include Seniors Tej Vaddi, Matthew Rovner and Charlie Quimby; Juniors Luke Frietze, Will Borda, and Philip Nickel; and Sophomores Gui Trindade and Jake Falco.  Every play on offense starts up front.  Offensive linemen make holes for the backs to run through, and give the quarterback time to read the defense and get the ball into the hands of the receivers.  This group had an outstanding month, gaining more than 500 yards of total offense in the victory over Perkiomen.”