Simi Olurin ’19

Freshmen year: new teachers, new people, new freedoms, new opportunities. It is the activities fair. I see all the booths and all of the passionate students standing in front of their respective booths. Being the overzealous freshman that I am, I sign up for nearly seven clubs within the first fifteen minutes of the fair. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a modest-looking booth manned by two people: Catherine Habgood and Sam Barrett. Above them, I see a sign, a small sign, with a name, a name I had not heard before within the walls of Tower Hill.

This was my first encounter with “The Rubble”.

I had absolutely no idea what the Rubble was, but the lonely pencil adjacent to the nearly empty sign up sheet called to me for some reason. Well, the real reason was awkwardness and guilt. I walked past the booth nearly six times during my quest to figure out what exactly this Rubble was. I signed my name along with my email, thus, beginning my year-long, Thursday luncheon adventure.

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I only learned what The Rubble actually was at my second lunch meeting. In fact, the first meeting had consisted solely of a witty banter between the long-comfortable seniors and Mr. Scibilia. In that second meeting, I was truly introduced to The Rubble; the description I was given left me with the impression that The Rubble was the awkward child of a school newspaper and the Lit page, in that, it could be just about anything if given the necessary attention.

And soon, that attention came, beginning the blossoming of a The Rubble.

The inventive WordPress blog space allowed for a complete rebranding of The Rubble; the site was more accessible, it was easier to navigate, and it was free which meant the budget could go towards pizza for the meetings! Sam and Catherine, the editors, got everyone excited for the new launch, and when the launch came, The Rubble soared. It brought in more and more viewers each week, granted that the numbers weren’t necessarily high, but they were still significantly greater than past stats. This influx of popularity encouraged people to write more, so the content became more abundant as well. However, soon the sun would set on Sam and Catherine’s reign as editors, and a new empire would soon begin.

Enter Neil Godbole and Louise Conaty.

On their first meeting as editors, Louise entered with an excited smile and welcomed all of the new faces. Neil entered with a much needed one-liner to show that there was business to be done. They informed the new faces of their hopes to put up a wave of new articles every week as well as starting new series to entice people to check in. New ideas instantly began bouncing around the room, and excitement was so uproarious, that Neil had to quell the students with yet another perfectly constructed one-liner.

The SFC election brought excitement to the upper school, and The Rubble was there to cover the events. The article regarding the candidates garnered a decent number of viewers, however, there were still much higher marks to be reached.

Matt Santos’ new series “Athletes of the Month” stirred much excitement and chatter, especially after he cut a suspenseful promo about the new series during morning assembly. With this, Matt demonstrated his research, work ethic, and ability to leave a crowd of about tw on the edge of their seats. Well done Santos, well done.

In the end, it was Brianna Niemoeller’s lengthy dedication to the senior class that captured the most views and the most hearts. Niemoeller gathered quotes from the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and faculty about every one of the seniors. Brianna’s dedication to the article should be commended, for she has left the senior class with a gift signed from their peers, delivered by The Rubble.

Because of this year, the phrase “what’s The Rubble” will not be common among the student body. The club has officially grown out of the awkward stages and has become more comfortable in its own skin. The Rubble and editors past and present have ushered in a “Writing Renaissance”— a period that the school can take pride in. Due to its location on WordPress, The Rubble not only links Tower Hill with Wilmington, but with the world. Man, I love the internet! So loyal readers, I wish you a fun, relaxing, well-deserved summer, and I leave you with this:


Some chase rainbows in hopes of finding gold. I advise you to follow the smoke dancing in the wind, for it will lead you to warmth, to light, to fire. And where you have fire, you have us!

-The Rubble