Simi Olurin ’19

On March 1st, the battle of the original American sport began, and girls’ lacrosse looked to continue their impressive legacy. They march away from the American flag, ready to represent their homeland with their netted weapons in hand. Passing the gravel lot, they realize there is no way to flee in a time of war. They hike the mountain, over the roads that are emblematic of the fast paced lifestyle of Tower Hill, and they enter a world of serenity clad in the artificial grasses of legend. This year, lacrosse has perhaps the strongest group of seniors in years. The captains are Abby Manning and Sophie Peipher. I had a chance to ask them a few questions about how life is over on the Richardson field.


What is the most significant struggle that you think you face as a team?

We lost a lot of our attack last year, so our biggest struggle in the beginning of the season was needing the younger players step up and fill the attacking positions. They have continued to work hard and grow into the attacking roles throughout the season, which has allowed our team to be successful. They have grown more confident and make a greater contribution in games.” -Peipher

As seniors, what is a team goal that you have that has not been seen much in your past few years?

“A team goal that we have adopted for this season is to learn and get better with each game. Going into this season, we all expected this to be a growing year. We made it a goal to go into every game with a positive attitude regardless of the opponent or the expected outcome. When we made mistakes, we highlighted them and worked meticulously to correct them. With each game, we have learned and improved, expanding our lacrosse IQs and enhancing our skills.” -Manning


Has lacrosse provided a much needed outlet from the stress that you face during the school day?

“Yes, lacrosse is definitely an outlet from the stress of the school day for me. It’s nice not to have to think about the entire English paper you have to write or the math test you have the next day for two hours. Practice is a good way to take a break from the stress of school and let out any aggression you have.” -Peipher


How do you balance your schoolwork with the responsibilities that come with being captains?

“Our team this season has made things very easy for Sophie and I. They listen and do as they’re told without complaint. Not to mention Sophie and I are lucky enough to have five other experienced seniors that lighten our load. School work can be drowning sometimes, especially for the sophomores and juniors. Now that we are seniors, our work load has lightened up a bit. For this reason, most of our main focus comes in making sure everyone else is doing okay with balancing their work. A tough week academically can have visible effects on the field, so we really try to make sure everyone is staying positive and on top of their work.” -Manning


Naturally, the girls in goggles were Conference Champions because of their undefeated run in the Independent Conference, and they charge full steam ahead into the tournament with an impressive 12-3 record. For the seniors, this means more time on the field with their younger teammates that they have grown to love. When asked what exactly makes girls’ lacrosse unique from any of the other spring sports, both captains cited the team’s chemistry. The connection the teammates have to each other can be accredited to their group chat, team sleepovers, and group gatherings at other sporting events. The spark between the players is evident on and off the field; the ability lacrosse has to join students ranging from freshmen to seniors has not only provided them with a winning record, but also memories that will last a lifetime, which is something “very special.”