Brianna Niemoeller ’17
Special thanks to Blair Isken, Brianna McCoy, and Abby Carpenter


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With the final chapter of the 2016-2017 school year coming to an end, it’s now time to say goodbye to our amazing seniors. Whether we’ve grown up with them or just met them this year, the seniors have affected our lives in so many different ways. Many even consider them family, making this moment bittersweet; we’re thrilled to send them off to college, but at the same time, we all secretly want them stay. It’s hard to watch some of our best friends venture off into the world, leaving us behind at Tower Hill, but, because we know it’s for the best, we put on our bravest faces, wishing them luck as they take this next step in their lives. As cliché as it sounds, while we remember all the laughter and memories shared with the Class of 2016, we find ourselves sad, maybe even tearing up, to watch them go, but we also know that they are excited for what’s ahead, which forces us to try to share their eagerness.  As the seniors prepare to put on their graduation dresses and suits, we, the students and faculty of Tower Hill, would like to formally thank them for their contributions, wishing each individual one last goodbye before they head off to their new lives.


Tower Hill’s Class of 2016:


Abby Manning

One of the most passionate people for both field hockey and lacrosse (and maybe secretly basketball), Abby consistently shows great pride in her athletic abilities, always having a desire to play every game like it was her last. Even though she may have scared a freshman or two with her glares, she is actually one of the easiest people to talk to in the class. In the words of Brianna McCoy, “Abby Manning is a special person. She’s by far one of the weirdest people I know, but she’s also one of my favorites. I’m gonna miss watching her judge every person that crosses her eyesight, and most importantly, I’m gonna miss basketball with her. She ‘is the Scottie Pippen to my Lebron James.’ I have played basketball with her for the past 14 years, and I don’t know how I’ll do it without her rude comments. I know she truly loves basketball but is too scared to admit it. It’s okay because I know the truth. Love you, BFF.” Have a great time at Wesleyan!


Abigail Katz

Always seen alongside her sister Emily, Abigail perfectly defines what it’s like to be a good sister. Yearbook editor, clarinet player, and track star, Abigail is always busy doing something. When asked about why she will miss her next year, Abigail’s running buddy Julia Ward said that she will “never survive the ‘moon machine’ by [herself] next year. [She] will miss [their] great talks while ‘running.’” Good luck at Wellesley, Abigail!


Allie Salter

Queen of the lounges, Allie could be seen greeting everyone who walked by as she sat on the couches. She is usually found ordering something at Shakes or El Diablo, and her thousands of game-day selfies with her team are truly iconic. According to her field hockey and soccer teammate, Allison Smith, “Allie has been such a great leader these past two years, and I will miss her in field hockey and soccer! I can always count on her to cheer me up in a game and to motivate me and everyone else to work harder in practice. Have fun at college! We will miss you!” You’re going to kill it at Alabama next year!


Becca Pettinaro

Becca is known for her tremendous efforts with both the theatre and art departments, starring in every show and painting many Alice in Wonderland themed pieces. As one of the captains of the volleyball team, she also formed great friendships with her teammates, which showed the school the loving nature of the volleyball family. As Ashleigh Brady noted, “I’m pretty sure Becca still has one of my shirts from volleyball. I’m going to miss her pointy nails, and Daysha and I will remember her our next volleyball season as we get yelled at by our coach.” Good luck at Muhlenberg, Becca!


Ben Crain

Ben could usually be seen walking his adorable, little sister into school every morning. During the Fall, Ben was a midfielder on the varsity soccer team, often scoring a few goals, and during the Spring he played baseball, serving as the captain of the team for this past season. In the words of his baseball teammate Harry Quimby, “I will miss Ben because he is a good leader on the field and a good friend. He always has a fun attitude and is ready to help whenever asked.” Have fun at Emory!


Ben Spiro

Always with a camera in arms’ distance, Ben is probably one of the most talented photographers in this school. In addition to taking award-winning pictures, he also created amazing paintings of his photographs, which were just as impressive as the pictures themselves. Ben is rarely seen without his headphones, listening to great music, or without his Timbs shoes. According to Philip Nickel, “I’m going to miss Ben because of his artsy pictures.” Good luck at Miami, Ben!


Blair Isken

Whether taking pictures of the game or of her friends, people could always rely on Blair to be there to capture the moment. She was always involved in school activities, matching her love of the school with her great love for her friends. Praised for her tremendous efforts for the B+ Foundation, Blair constantly offered a hand to a friend in need, always looking out for others and her Tower Hill family. When asked about why she will miss Blair next year, her second mother, Mrs. Cover, responded that she “will miss Blair in so many ways.”  She went on to say, “I’m going to miss Blair’s altruism and her willingness to help and get involved in order to make our community a better place. I’m especially going to miss her positive attitude and her smile.” Bucknell is lucky to have you, Blair!


Brandon Nitsche

Although to some he is considered the class clown, those who truly know him believe him to be one of the most honest and reliable students in the class. He has shown great potential in his Tower Hill career and will do great things in his future. As AJ Falco noted, “I’m gonna miss being roasted everyday by you, and always being proven wrong. I’ll miss hanging with you and Shawn all the time. New Rov and Old Rov will have to be your replacements. Have fun at UD. #RB4L”


Brett Anderson

As one of the captains of the soccer team, Brett helped the team with his impressive defensive skills. In addition to soccer, he also was one of the captains of the baseball team this year. In the words of his brother Bo, “I wouldn’t be where I am or how I am today if I didn’t have Brett there for me throughout high school. I’ll miss having my star soccer defender in front of me next year and making a great duo up the middle with him in baseball. It’s tough to replace someone like him, and I hope all the best for him at Gettysburg.”


Bryana Small

Even though she only spent one short year at Tower Hill, Bryana has made many lasting impressions. Noted for her daily Starbucks, she always walked through the halls with a drink in hand and a smile on her face. According to her advisor Mrs. Meeker, “I’ll miss Bryana Small next year! It’s not easy to be new in a school where many (if not most) people have known each other for a long time. I am sure it was challenging for Bryana to switch schools as a senior, but she managed to become a part of the Tower Hill community, making the most of her year here. I’ll miss her in advisory next year, and I’ll miss seeing her around school. It was nice to have a fellow “new person” to talk to throughout the year.” Have fun at Penn State!


Carter Cucuzzella

Although he may appear completely carefree on the outside, Carter does in fact dedicate himself to a few things, including football, basketball, and Justin Bieber. Carter’s loving cousin, Gracie Wenzel, says that she will “miss [their] Panera dates, going to Watercolor, and always having [him] to hang out with whenever [she’s] bored! Good luck at Wake Forest, homie.”


Catherine Habgood


As a star student, artist, and athlete, there is nothing Catherine can’t do. Being the captain of the cross country, indoor track, and soccer teams and editor of The Rubble, Catherine constantly demonstrates her ability to lead her activities as well as excel in them. According to her teammate and friend Isabelle Pilson, “[Catherine] always works so hard in track and in soccer, which motivates others to do the same! Thanks for constantly cheering me on. Good luck at Brown! I know you’ll be awesome.”


Chris Miller


Although he may seem quiet, Chris is actually pretty loud if you get to know him. He’s quick to make jokes, and people enjoy his sense of humor. His junior year prom date Aalia Narvel thinks that “Chris Miller is really funny, pretty good at lacrosse, and has bouncy hair.” Go Blue Hens!


Chris Schorn

One of the happiest people in the school, Chris always walks through the halls with a great, big smile, waving and greeting everyone that he knew. Chris is constantly cracking jokes and being a goofball. Even if faced with challenging setbacks, such as his traumatic poison ivy experience, Chris never lets his injuries stop him from running. In the words of his teammate Julia Ward, “I’ll miss seeing you in the workout room! Thanks for pumping me up and making the gym a more fun place.” Have fun at High Point!


Cole Neville


Known for his positive attitude and his great athletic ability, Cole is certainly well-loved at Tower Hill. As captain of the basketball team his junior and senior years, he uses his passion for the game to support his teammates and friends. As Jamie Spruance puts it, “I will never forget the day I met Cole. He was an awkward ugly kid, and all I knew was that he was coming to Tower Hill the next year. Cole and I became super close sophomore year, starting in soccer season. We both loved to push each other back and forth to try to best we could be. Staying after practice doing abs, listening to music, and just talking with Cole has definitely shaped my character. I know Cole will be able to accomplish anything he puts his mind to in the future, and I know I will personally try my best to be the best I can be because of my experiences with Cole.” Good luck at NC State!


Dougie McCoy


Loved for his hair and laidback attitude, Dougie could be found on the couches, wearing Vineyard Vines and laughing with his friends. He has been an extremely valuable asset to the lacrosse team, and he even was captain for the team this past season. According to Abby Carpenter, “Dougie is so much more to me than a cousin; he is like my third brother, and I can always count on him to make me laugh. It’s going to be really weird not seeing him almost every day and I’m really going to miss him. I can’t wait to visit him at Furman. Love you Hamie.”


Duncan Britt


Loving his friends almost as much as he loves his two golden retrievers, Duncan can be pretty caring when he wishes to be. He’s been a camp counselor at Camp Tockwogh, so it’s safe to say he’s a pretty outdoorsy kind of guy. His friend, and house mate, Allen Wu said that “he will be missed because there is only one Duncan Donut.” Have fun at Elon!

Elizabeth Coffin


Elizabeth loves to do many different things, many of which challenge herself in the best ways. She’s accomplished various half marathons with her running buddy, also known as her mom. She loves to bake and to visit New York City. As one of her friends since freshman year, Daysha Shamlin is “going to miss Elizabeth a lot. Her style is unparalleled, and she’s an amazing spirit. Love Daysha, from Daysha, to Elizabeth.” Roll tide!


Elizabeth Pettit


Elizabeth Pettit has come to be known as the selfie queen, and she can usually be seen hanging out with Chris or playing Slither. She has played on the tennis team for all four years of high school and has enjoyed every second of it. In the words of her tennis teammate Neha Wadwha, “I’m going to miss our pre-tennis Rita’s runs and insulting each other all the time, but most of all, I’m going to miss my selfie buddy!” Good luck at UD, Pettit!


Ellie Wakefield


Small but mighty, Ellie has taken Tower Hill by storm. Whether in the goal or in the classroom, she always finds something to smile about and manages to make others laugh along with her. Ellie is her known for love of minions from Despicable Me and her easy-going attitude. According to Maggie Podolsky, “I’m gonna miss Ellie making every situation funny & being like an older sister.” Go Gamecocks!


Fatima Anwar

Recognized for many different things, Fatima never fails to disappoint. From asking about exploding mailboxes to sleeping in the senior homeroom with her infamous blanket, Fatima is someone that no one will forget. One student in particular, Simi Olurin, will “miss hearing Fatima’s cheerful voice in the halls whenever things seem gloomy around the school. She’s always a friendly and welcoming presence, and Tower Hill was lucky to have her grace the halls during her time here.” Good luck at GW!


Gretchen Zungailia


Gretchen is known for her love of chemistry and her long lasting goggle marks, as well as being the first person to have a Swell bottle. She was a great captain of the field hockey team, helping to lead the team to semi-finals. As Janie Mitchell stated, “I first got to know Gretchen during field hockey my freshman year. She made me, along with all of the other freshmen, feel so welcomed! By doing so, she acted like a leader. So it was only fitting that she was named a captain this fall, 3 years later, for field hockey. Thank you, Gretch, for being someone that we can all look up to!” Good luck at Amherst!


Jacob Pedano


Even though he does not have an appendix, Jacob doesn’t let that stop him. He’s a midfielder on the varsity soccer team and a goalie for JV lacrosse. In the words of junior Lexie Ledyard, “Jacob, I will never forget those galaxy joggers. They were pretty cool.” Have fun at UD!


Janel Hall


Although he may disagree with her, Janel is truly Shawn’s best friend and isn’t afraid to tell people just that. She somehow manages to always fill her weekends with sleeping and church, never failing to miss either one. As Ashleigh Brady said,  “I don’t even know what to say about her. Chorus won’t be the same without her leading the alto part. There’s so much. Our lunch table is going to be so sad without her, and I’m going to continue to wear my Timbs in her honor.” UD will love having you!


Judy Chen

Judy was one of the most cheerful and uplifting people in the Upper School, always smiling and waving to people in the halls. Although extremely humble with her abilities, Judy excelled in the maths and sciences, even earning her name on Mr. Hoch’s Hall of Fame as a junior. When asked why she will miss Judy next year, freshman Syke Wu said that “Judy was just like a big sister to [her]. Although [they] have only known each other for less than a year, her influence on [her] was immeasurable. She helped [her] with trifles in life, and even the attitude to embrace the life in Tower Hill as an international student. She was strong, caring and independent. [Skye] will never forget what she brought to [her] in the previous year and will miss her so much next year! [Skye] really hopes that she will enjoy her new life in college!”


Julian Jackson

Hardworking and motivated, Julian is an awesome student, excelling in many of his classes. When out of the classroom, he can usually be found joking around with Duncan or Allen or playing tennis. To quote Rory Britt, “I will miss Julian not only because he has been a deep friend to me but also because he has been a brother. We have gone on adventures across the country together, we have tackled problems big and small, and we have found humor in even the most stressful of situations. He is and always will be a dear friend to me, and I wish him the best at college next year.” Good luck with your endeavors at Johns Hopkins!


Kaitlyn Scott


Infused with a love for ice cream, Kaitlyn never fails to relate every conversation to junk food. But her appetite isn’t the only thing that’s big; she also has a big heart. She is thoughtful and selfless when it comes to her family and friends. In the words of one of her best friends, Lexi Longo, “two of the greatest things in this world are Kaitlyn Scott and ice cream. And when you put them together you get an unstoppable force of love and ridiculousness that makes it impossible to be unhappy. She’s that person that can make you smile no matter what, usually at her own expense. She’s that friend that gives you hope and humiliates you at the same time. She’s that person who can find a silver lining (even if the silver lining is just the wrapper of a candy bar) in the worst things. She’s that friend you never let go of, because you’ll never find anyone or anything better than Kaitlyn Scott. Not even ice cream. She’s better than ice cream.” UD is lucky to call you a Blue Hen!


Katie Beberman

With her perfectly straight hair and her trendy clothes, Katie always looked put together during her time at Tower Hill, and people admired her bluntness and humor. Even though she just started playing lacrosse this year, she has made many friendships with the girls on the team. One of her teammates, Taylor Stenz, said that she is “going to miss Katie Beberman on the sideline during the girls’ lacrosse games because she always makes [her] laugh.” Go Hens!


Katie Gianforcaro

Dedicated and loving, Katie G. is known for her extraordinary mothering and positive attitude. To sports teams and friends alike, Katie never fails to lend a shoulder. She is not afraid to laugh at herself, and is the first to drop everything for someone in need. Katie is known for being everyone’s personal cheerleader, and we love her for it. She is a friend and mom to all and her absence will be noticed in the years to come.  Her brother Michael will “miss Katie next year because, although she can be a real mom, she watches out for [him].” Have a great time at UD!


Kevin Turner

His jokes are usually sarcastic, but the school still loves him anyways. He’s usually walking the halls with a smile on his face, while greeting his friends with his cheerful attitude. In the words of Mrs. Jones,  “I’m going to miss Kevin’s smile in advanced biology class.  Even if we are covering a challenging topic or performing a lab, he walks out the door saying “It’s all right” everyday.  Thank you for your positive presence, Kevin!” Good luck at George Washington!


Kiera Wendel


Kiera is one of the nicest people at Tower Hill, always willing to help and lead others in the right direction. She is motivated in everything that she does, which has helped her excel in both athletics and academics. She’s noted for her significant efforts for the Blue Gold Club and her dedication to the girls’ basketball team. To quote Landon Reese, “I love all of the seniors, but I think I’m going to miss Kiera Wendel the most because even though I’ve only gotten to know her during this lacrosse season, she is so nice to me and is also hilarious!” Go Irish!


Kiki Lashley


Kiki’s ability to turn any situation into a funny one is admired by so many people. She’s not afraid to laugh at herself and others, and she can find humor in anything. Her teammate and friend, Priya Shah is “definitely going to miss seeing llave llave everyday! She always made [her] laugh and is probably the funniest person [she knows]! [Priya will] never forget [her] third team and JV soccer squads with Kikimaniki! Good luck at UD Kiki!”


Kiva Walsh


Usually found wearing a sweatshirt or her hair in a bun, Kiva is known for her carefree attitude and ability to eat more than a 300 lb man. She can almost always be found driving her Jeep while listening to music with Pancake in her pocket. In the words of her friend Emily Yin, “Kiva is my mentor. I admire her devil-may-care attitude, and I aspire to be as chill as her. Despite usually being confused, she always manages to find her way. She is one of the most ridiculous people I have ever met, but I enjoy every minute with her.” Have fun at Delaware!


Krista Caprisecca


With an attitude as fiery red as her hair, Krista never fails to jokingly poke fun at others. She’s always up for a good laugh, but she will also support a friend when he or she needs it most. According to Alexis Burns, “I’m going to miss my senior mom next year so much! I have no idea what I’m going to do when you’re 3,000 miles away, and I have to drive the fam to dinner before play practice all by myself. You have stuck by me through thick and thin. I could not be more grateful that you were sent into my life.” Enjoy your time at UC Davis!


Lange Scanlan


Usually carrying her Syracuse Swell water bottle, Lange excels in many things. She’s incredibly smart, and she was the captain of the field hockey team this year. She has also been the captain of the soccer team since her sophomore year, helping the team grow up with her. In the words of Sophie Sanchez, “I’m going to miss Lange always brightening my day in the hallway with her smile and saying ‘hiiii!!!’ She was always there for me and made my underclassmen experience great. She’s honestly the nicest, most caring person. I’m going to miss her so much next year.” Good luck at Syracuse!


Lexi Butler


Lexi Butler is one of the most friendly and approachable people at Tower Hill. People, even underclassmen, are not afraid to ask Lexi for help in both field hockey and tennis. To quote Laura Taschner, “I’d like to thank Lexi for all that she’s done for me with field hockey and being so welcoming to me coming to Tower Hill as a new freshman. She’s taught me so much, and I wish her the best of luck with everything she does with college.” Have fun at Miami!


Lindsay Foster


The skater girl herself, Lindsay Foster spent almost as much time learning in the classroom as she did practicing in the rink. Not only did she ice skate, but she also dedicated a lot of her time volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, even earning a position on the center’s Youth Leadership Council. When asked to give a goodbye message to Lindsay, Georgia Kollias said: “Thanks so much Lindsay for being the best physics partner a girl could ask for! I’m really going to miss you next year, and I wish you all the best next year at Penn! Keep practicing moment of inertia!”


Lindsey Wenzel


Usually seen wearing an oversized shirt and a pearl necklace, Lindsey is loved for her laidback attitude and her unique sense of humor. Somehow she can always turn a short story into a ten minute ordeal.  In the words of Maryam Ismail, “Lindsey, I will miss you and your great story telling so much! I will never forget JV soccer 2015 and the bond that we formed during that stellar season. I will miss our car rides and dinner dates and Cole. Which Cole am I talking about? Haha. If you end our snap streak, I’ll never forgive you. #335 Xoxo, Hill House. Love Mina.” Have fun in Charleston!


Matt Cleary

Willing to help anyone in need, Matt Cleary is one of the most kind-hearted people in the senior class. He is a hard worker and very focused when it comes to both academics and his career as a golfer. According to Abby Carpenter and Brianna McCoy, “Matt is like a brother to us. He is one of the nicest people we have ever met and he is always there for us. we can always count on him or his family for a good time. We promise to look after Jennifer when you’re at college!” You’re going to do great things at Rhodes, Matt!


Matt Stack


Matt Stack can be found in the second cubicle in the library doing his homework or studying for an upcoming test. Artistic and intelligent, Matt Stack is going places with his future. According to his friend Cinderella Teng, “he is a great swimmer and an even better teammate. He is an indispensible asset to the team.” Good luck in the big leagues.


Mick Togo


Mick is extremely passionate for whatever sport he is playing, and he always puts everything he has into every game. He has been a crucial defender on the soccer team during his time here at Tower Hill. Andrew Cercena says that “he would be the first person to scream ‘MEG’ at soccer practice, and he always backed his teammates up on the field even if it meant getting a card… occasionally two. [Andrew is] going to miss his sense of humor on the soccer team and at Tower Hill.” Goucher is lucky to have you!


Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is a pretty funny guy, who is endearing to some. He’s a forward on the basketball team and a strong defender for boys’ lacrosse. In the words of Richard Corroon, “Mike Schmidt is a wonderful and handsome guy. He could always put a smile on my face, and I will miss him greatly next year.” Have fun at Penn State!


Molly Quinlan


As one of the loudest people in the school, Molly is usually heard before she is seen. She loves to laugh, especially at herself and others, and hopefully she will learn how to jump over hurdles in college. With her ability to talk to anyone about anything, she loves to be around people, and people love to be around her. As Lexie Ledyard puts it, “Molly, I’m really going to miss your happy spirit and energy every morning. You always make me laugh and are one of the most fun people I know. Your spontaneity is one to be admired. Have an amazing time at Tulane, and I can’t wait to visit! Roll Wave!”


Morgan Carpenter

Known for his sarcastic comebacks, Morgan Carpenter is really funny and can make anyone laugh. His carefree attitude and laidback nature are loved by many. To quote Brianna McCoy, “I’ve gone on almost every family vacation with Morgan since we were babies…. so I don’t know how I’ll survive without him next year. He is always doing something funny or weird whether he’s trying to or not. I’m really gonna miss him next year.” Have fun at Texas!


Myles Lane


A funny and charismatic guy, as seen in his presidential videos with Spencer, Myles was always smiling and joking around, causing others to laugh along with him. He had a relaxed, easygoing nature that was just as contagious as his laugh. His band teacher, Mr. Keim, “will miss his sense of humor and his casual attitude. His musical talent and ability to craft a melodic line on the alto saxophone is undeniable. Now, if he could just keep track of his music, that would be something. [Mr. Keim wishes] him the very best in the future and [hopes] to see him back at a future concert or two.” Good luck at Maryland!


Nic Fort


Known as the kid who ruins the curve, Nic is one of the most academically apt students in the school, excelling in nearly all subjects. Utilizing sarcasm as a second language, Nic uses his quick wit to incite laughter or provoking thoughts onto his friends. Because she spends a lot of her time conversing with Nic in her classroom, Mrs. Kummer is “going to miss Nic’s sense of humor, his intellect, and his satirical emails. Conversations with Nic are akin to those [she has] with adults; he’s going to do incredible things for this world. [She’s] just really going to miss his company.” Good luck on your journey at Stanford, Nic!


Nic Maloney


Noted for always carrying his GoPro, Nic loved to make countless videos, including his funny and heartwarming Senior Video and his ongoing THS LAX series. When not in the art room or making videos, Nic could be found on the soccer field, practicing his shots. As Andrew Cercena put it, “Maloney was probably the best JV soccer commentator out there. The only two words that I can use to describe the way he plays soccer are graceful and majestic. He’ll always be part of the center-mid brotherhood and will be greatly missed on the field and around school. I would also like to add that he has mastered the art of popping grapes.” You’ll do great things at Champlain!


Nick Fisher


Smart and apathetic, Nick was a man of few words, just like this summary. One of his favorite teachers Mrs. Kummer “can always count on Nick to question, explore, and challenge the views of the world, and [she is] going to miss [their] time waxing philosophical together. [She’s] especially going to miss teaching him and being taught by him.” Good luck at Washington College!


Noah Thomas


Although Noah “Tank” Thomas seems to fight with Dr. Hickey, the school knows that it’s only a joke. With talent and passion for both football and lacrosse, he will do big things for these sports in the future. Jamie Spartin “will miss all the laughs and heckling and good times [he’s] shared with Russell and Noah. Lacrosse without them will be a lot different, but [he] won’t forget [their] motto of ‘ground balls win games.’ Tower Hill won’t be the same without them.” Have fun at Ursinus, Noah!


Paritosh Raval


High school has done remarkable things for Paritosh; he started out at Tower Hill in the ninth grade, and little did anyone know all the growing he would do and all he would accomplish in the years to come. To those who are unfortunate enough to not know him, he appears entirely carefree, but to his friends, they know of his selfless nature. In the words of his advisor Mrs. Sysko, “I will miss Paritosh’s sense of humor. Getting a laugh from Paritosh, because his smile spreads slowly and his laugh blooms reluctantly, feels like a victory. His wry humor and glib one-liners will be missed in my office next year, but I am thrilled for him that he is off to such a wonderful college and course of study.” NYU is lucky to have you!


Russell Applegate


Russell is a man of many nicknames and a staple of the Tower Hill community. He’s an admired athlete and a great friend to many. His easygoing attitude is contagious along with his smile. According to Brianna McCoy, “I’m going to miss Russell a lot next year. He use to come to my house almost every weekend when we were younger. He’s basically another brother to me, and I’ll miss him a lot.”  Good luck next year, Russell!


Ryan Singh


A funny and charismatic guy, Ryan Singh brings a smile to everyone’s face. As a star saxophonist, Ryan constantly lead the band by means of his reed. When asked about why he will miss Ryan next year, Andrew Cercena said that “Ryan was probably the best senior on the wrestling team with intense competition among his grade. Although it is not the easiest or most fun sport, he lightened the difficulty of practice with his always positive attitude. I’ll miss Ryan’s personality next year in and out of the wrestling room.” Go Terps!


Sam Barrett


As self-deprecating as he may seem, Sam Barrett is actually a pretty great guy. Whether playing guitar, decorated infamously with its “Do Not Cross” strap, or studying until four in the morning, Sam consistently put all of his efforts into every one of his endeavors, which granted him great success. His advisor and teacher Ms. Hubler believes that “next to the entry for “earnestness” in the dictionary must be the name Sam Barrett. Whether Sam commits to an academic project, an outside interest, or a group of people, he always devotes himself wholeheartedly. [She] will miss his sincerity, honesty, and wit next year.  And, [she wants] to know just who is going to organize and run the Hubler advisory in his absence?  Best wishes, Sam.” Dartmouth is lucky to have you!


Shawn Futch


Shawn is a true gentleman. He is one of the better friends in the school because he is responsible and cheerful, and he can turn any bad day into a good one. He loves basketball almost as much as he loves his friends, which is a lot. To quote Matt Rovner, “I’m going to miss you at Tower Hill because I knew no matter what you always had my back. You were always the man with the plan and carried yourself with the utmost composure. Somehow you always seemed calm and collected, like you held all of the cards.” Good luck at UD!


Sophie Peipher


As a student athlete, Sophie spends almost as much time on the field as she does studying for upcoming assessments. Her ability to laugh at everything, including herself, is endearing, causing others to smile along with her. Her upbeat attitude is contagious, making everyone nearby as happy as herself. Being a teammate and friend to Sophie, Louise Conaty believes that she “is such a great friend on and off the field, and Tower Hill will be so weird without her next year. Hopefully she’ll learn the difference between Kansas and Arkansas next year at Swarthmore.”


Spencer Johnson


An extraordinary leader and an even better friend, Spencer embodies what it truly means to be a Tower Hill student. Multa bene facta has never been represented by a student so well, and Tower Hill will be proud to call him an alum. In the words of sophomore Brian Miller, “Through all the band classes, play practices and short car rides home, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know good ol’ Spencer pretty gosh darn well, and I can tell you that he’s the kinda guy that would bake cookies for the entire school and not take one for himself — just an all around genuine rock star. He walks into a room and immediately lightens the mood and brightens the vibe; there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. Whether he’s singing an R&B version of Happy Birthday (with sound effects) or if he’s giving an eloquent pep talk, he never fails to bring a smile. Not only does he sing, play saxophone, and guitar, but he’s also a great actor, athlete, student and leader. I could continue complimenting Spencer’s infinite list of positive attributes, but alas for his sake, I will stop embarrassing him. Spencer has left a huge impact on this school and the school’s people. He managed to transcend the barrier between student and faculty and has changed everyone in some way. I know that he has changed me for the better, and has taught me truly how to live life like no other. And for that, I personally thank Spencer for being a person that everyone should aspire to be. Good luck becoming a Yale-man, and give Delaware and Tower Hill a good rep. Spencer’s presence will truly be missed.”


Steven Siegfried  


Leading his team to twelve wins throughout the entire season, Steven effectively captained the soccer team, bonding all of his teammates to form one soccer family. He not only understands the game, but also loves it, which allows him to play with both passion and talent. This combination gave him great success in his career, enabling him to frequently assist and score goals. Teammate and friend Teddy Hughes “looked up to Steven all year because of the way he carried himself and the way he played on the pitch. [Teddy has] to say that he was one of [his] favorite seniors.” Good luck at F&M!


Taurus Pinkney


At first glance, Taurus may seem quiet or shy, but once given the chance to get to know him, people quickly discover he is the opposite. He’s usually seen laughing with his friends or wearing a cast on his wrist. As his football coach, Mr. Waesco believes that “Taurus leads by example in everything that he does.  He holds himself to a high standard, never complains, and always works to better himself and those around him.  Taurus’ quiet nature masks a fierce competitor. [The football team] will miss his leadership and his friendly smile!” Have fun at UD!

Tim Gouge


Although unrecognizable with his new haircut, Tim’s humor remains the same: unparalleled and often thought-provoking. He has maintained the very same smile since freshman year when he first began at Tower Hill, and to this day, it remains just as contagious. Despite Tim’s goofy nature and laid back attitude, he cares very much for his friends and family, almost as much as he cares for his dogs. His impact on the Tower Hill community has been profound, especially on one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Kummer, who will “miss Tim’s outrageous sense of humor that attempts to hide his overwhelming empathy for others. Even when he’s at his worst, he knows how to make [her] smile.” Good luck at UD!


Wil Maloo


Wil’s the kind of guy who can talk about anything for hours on end, especially music. If there’s anything to know about Wil, it’s that he listens to music daily, always wears vans, and loves to skate. To quote Mr. Kirby Smith, “we all know that where there’s a “Wil” there’s a way. I believe that Wil was the recipient of multiple epiphanies as he realized, in a kind of resonating flash, the connection between art and physics. ‘It’s art and physics all the way down’ became a kind of mantra for Wil this year, and it looks as though it will ride with him for a long, long time. I’ll miss being privy to that very much!” Chicago is lucky to have you, Wil.


Additional Quotes:


All Seniors:


“I’m really going to miss that entire grade. I’ve grown up with them and they have made my life so much better in a lot of ways. Sports next year will be so weird because they constantly support not only me but everyone they play with. Thank you for always including me in everything,brightening my day, and for being all around amazing people! Thanks for being some of my best friends for the past 13 years!”  -Brianna McCoy


“Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I can look to anyone in the senior class for a smile. Whether it’s awkward hugs with Allie, secret handshakes with Dougie and Cole, or just a simple smile and hello from Russell, I can’t imagine what I’d do without them.” -Jamie Spruance


Field Hockey Seniors:


“I would like to thank all of the senior field hockey players for the time, effort and commitment that they gave to me as a coach, and the program as a whole, over the past four to five years. You were truly a special group of extremely talented young women, and I thoroughly enjoyed coaching and working with you throughout your years at Tower Hill. I wish you all the best of everything and please know that you will definitely be missed.” -Coach Adair


Girls’ Soccer Seniors:


“Thanks so much for being such great leaders the past two years! I’m going to miss you guys brightening my day in the halls and at practice… have a blast at college and don’t forget to come back and visit!”  -Isabelle Pilson


Theater Department Seniors:


“When I entered upper school, I didn’t know many people. Fortunately, I soon found a passion in theater and through that program, I got to know a few wonderful seniors. In all honesty, besides for the acting itself, the welcoming community that they created in the department was probably the main reason I stuck with it. For the first time in my life, I felt accepted. I’m very glad I got to know a few of them better over the next few years. I’d also like to add that I am eternally grateful for them for helping me through the rough patches due to their kindness and support; they were always there for me when I needed it. It’s bittersweet to see them going off to college this year: I’ll miss them all but I know that wherever they’re going, they’ll have an amazing time and go off and do great things. Thank you to all of them for an incredible High School experience.” -Luke Solacoff


Abby Manning:

“I’d like the thank Abby Manning for the past few years. she’s always given me rides to various things, and has always given me a good laugh. she was always someone I could talk to about practically anything and was so easy to get along with. My Honeygrow runs will for sure not be the same without you. Definitely going to miss having another Abby around.”  -Abby Carpenter


“Abby, I’m going to miss you next year despite our love hate relationship (the hate coming from you). Thanks for always driving me and making me laugh!! Good luck next year. I’ll hold up the lax team for you!” -Sophie Sanchez


“Thank you for putting up with my unathleticness for 3 seasons in a row and always making fun of me. Love you and gonna miss you next year (but don’t worry I’ll visit) -Julia Quinlan


Allie Salter:


“I will miss listening and dancing to the music in your car before night games and getting to talk to someone who is my height. More importantly, I will miss the “hey simi-sim” every time I walk past the lounge. Have fun at Alabama!!”

       -Simi Olurin

“Thanks for always making me laugh and calling me weird ;)!!! Soccer won’t be the same without you and your unfinished crosses next year! And of course I will miss my right side buddy everyday in field hockey! Who will steal all of the balls for me?” -Isabelle Pilson


“I’m going to miss Allie so much next year because she’s basically my sister. She’s been a really good friend of mine since we were babies and I can’t imagine life without her. Every year we go to the beach together to celebrate the 4th of July and it’s so much fun. We are always laughing when we’re together and I’ll miss being just a short drive from her everyday. I’ll miss our ice cream runs, El Diablo dinners, and many family snow days! Can’t wait to visit Bama!!” -Brianna McCoy


“I can always count on Allie for a trip to El Diablo. She is such a fun person to be with and has always made me laugh. Allie is so easy to get along with and I will definitely miss seeing her around next year!!” -Abby Carpenter


“Thanks for being the best field hockey senior and ganging up on Molly with me! Gonna miss Shakes next year.” -Julia Quinlan


Becca Pettinaro:


“I’m gonna miss Becca driving driving me everywhere and buying me coffee every morning”  -Maggie Podolsky


“Becca, next year is going to suck without you, our breakfasts, and the rides you give me. Go kill it at Muhlenburg!” -Meredith Pettinaro


Blair Isken:


“There no one I’d rather dance to Newsies with.”  -Sabrina Luther


Brandon Nitsche:

“If he ruins our snapchat streak while he’s gone, I’m going to kill him.” -Ashleigh   



“Sus.” -Daysha Shamlin


Football is not going to be the same without you next year. You were a leader on and off the field and someone to look up to. I’m going to miss you, but most of all Tower Hill is going to miss you. Can’t wait to see you do big things.” -Matthew Rovner


“I’m gonna miss being roasted everyday by you and always being proven wrong. I’ll miss hanging with you and Shawn all the time. New Rov and Old Rov will have to be your replacements. Have fun at UD. #RB4L”  -AJ Falco


Catherine Habgood:

“I’ll miss having you as one of our fearless Rubble editors and playing soccer with you. I’ll remember you as the queen of the Ivies, and Brown is so lucky to have you!” -Simi Olurin


Chris Schorn:


“Latin jeopardy next year is going to be a whole mess, and I’m mad he left us second semester” -Ashleigh Brady


“I honestly don’t even know what to say about Chris.” -Daysha Shamlin


Cole Neville:


“I’m gonna miss you being at my house 24/7!! Thanks for always making fun of Lindsey with me and helping me get out of Lindsey’s tiny car when we go out to eat!” -Gracie Wenzel


“Dearest Colton,

You are a legend. I remember sitting with you in English class and knowing that’d we’d be BFFs by the end of the semester! Then we were BFFs! And I asked “Cole did you ever think we’d be as close as we are now, back in September?” And you said “No honestly, I never did haha. Good thing for Linds.” Yeah. Good thing for Linds. I’ll miss you a ton! Your friend, Mina.” -Maryam Ismail


Dougie McCoy:


“Ever since I was little, I always looked up to Dougie. Even when we were little kids in gym class and playing in the summer together, he was always a mentor to me. Freshman year, we became very close, as our interests became more similar. From then on, we were pretty in separable. We ate, lifted, hung out, and did just about everything together… maybe even spent too much time together. On the field, he pushed me to be my best at everything I did, and we always had fun doing it. No matter what we were doing, we always found out how to have the most fun with it. Late Night/Early morning workouts, car rides, and just long talks listening to music brought us super close together and taught me a ton about myself. I’m going to miss his work ethic, humor, and a best friend in Dougie McCoy.” -Jamie Spruance


Elizabeth Pettit:


“I’m going to miss sending selfies in class.” -Morgan Rollins


“Pettit, 3rd team volleyball squad would not have been the same without you! You were always there for me when I needed to complain or just get through physics. There is no one else I would rather go to Rita’s and el Diablo with. Much love for my fav UD student, Alexis Burns.”


Ellie Wakefield:


“Ellie, I’m going to miss you always being in my house, making smoothies, and cooking breakfast for me! Have fun at USC, and go Gamecocks!” -Meredith Pettinaro


Gretchen Zungailia:


“Gretchen should have won senior assassin, but that’s okay she’s still great. She’s an amazing friend.” -Louise Conaty


“I’ll miss Gretchen next year, especially during lacrosse season!! I’m going to miss our late night chats during Florida. Love you, Gretch, and good luck at Amherst!!” -Abby Carpenter


Janel Hall:


“I’m going to miss jamming out with you during volleyball and yelling each other’s names in the hallway!” -Neha Wadwha


“I’m gonna miss you. You are the sunshine to my eyes. You are the flowers in my soul. You’re the soul to my soul food.” -Daysha Shamlin


Julian Jackson:


“He will be remembered as the best basketball player on the tennis team.”

       -Allen Wu


Katie Beberman:


“KT, you always remind me how you befriended me first. How you were the day one. How I should like you better than the other seniors because you took me under your wing before I was anyone. That was kinda mean. Please pay me back for the hamster stuff you bought with my card. Jk Esther, te amo the most.” -Maryam Ismail (Mari)


Katie Gianforcaro:


“I’ve known KT G for just 3 short years but she is easily one of my favorite people. She always has a smile on her face and is laughing no matter the issue. I’m gonna miss going to every boys lax game with her next year. Can’t wait to be at U of D every weekend though!!!” -Brianna McCoy


Kevin Turner:


“Kevin is gone but yever forgotten.” -Anonymous


Kiera Wendel:


“I’m really going to miss our Great Big Family basketball games in the backyard and going to get crepes! (Even though you like the yogurt stuff)” -Gracie Wenzel


“Kiera is like a sister to me (UA forever), I’m going to miss her so much. She is someone I really look up to and made my transition as a new freshman a lot easier. I could honestly come to Kiera with anything, and she would know how to help me. Especially going to miss our Taylor Swift jam sessions! Definitely will not be the same with her. Good luck at Notre Dame Kier, Love you (Forever sorry for taking you out on the ski lift).” -Abby Carpenter


“Kiera or as I know her, Kiera Tsunami, is one of the funniest people ever. She will do almost anything for anyone else….like tell me the weather for the next day every single night. She always knows how to brighten up my day. I’m going to miss her so much along with her singing the national anthem at our basketball games…even if she is off pitch. @to_the_bob will never be the same without you!” -Brianna McCoy


“Thank you for always giving me rides when no one else would. Love you” -Julia Quinlan


Kiki Lashley:


“I’ll miss Kiki so much next year. She’s by far the most entertaining human beings I’ve ever met. My days are going to be far more boring without seeing her everyday, and I’ll miss her in dance and yoga. Good luck at UD, Kiki” -Abby Carpenter


“Kiki, you will be missed on third team volleyball. I’m sure you will make libero and captain and coach of the UD team. I know you’re a Blue Hen now, but please don’t be too barn. How uncomfortable did reading this make you? Xo Merm” -Maryam Ismail


Kiva Walsh:


“Kiva is one of the most hilarious people you’ll ever meet. I’ll never forget when she hid 20 churros in her sweatshirt on the Florida lacrosse trip her sophomore year.” -Louise Conaty


“Over the past few months kiva and I have become extremely close. She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and I know I can always count on her. I’m going to miss her so much next year, and the alligator float definitely will not even come close to living up to the real Kiva. Love you, Kiva!” -Abby Carpenter


“I’m going to miss Kiva’s smile and her positive outlook on life!” -Emerson McCauley



Krista Caprisecca:


“She inspires me to be a greater individual everyday. Her advice and guidance has gotten me through sophomore year and junior year (especially chem). I’m definitely going to miss seeing her red hair in the hallways.” -Julia Ward


“I’m going to miss our study hall conversations and playing with the chinchilla at 2:30!” -Neha Wadwha


“Krista, thanks for sharing all of the large Pepsis with me! I would not have been able to finish them all without you. Have fun a college, Mom!!” -Peter Desantis


Lange Scanlan:


“I’m going to miss Lange a lot next year. She has been one of my good friends for a while now, and although she doesn’t play basketball anymore, I still love her. I’ll miss her a lot next year, but at least she is close so I can visit a lot!! Love ya, Lange!” -Brianna McCoy


Lexi Butler:


“Lexi Butler is one person that I will always look up to. She never fails to make me laugh, and I’m going to miss reciting vines with her on our way up from assembly. She is one of the sweetest people ever. I’m going to miss you and our matching styles so much next year, Lex. I can’t wait to visit!” -Abby Carpenter


“I’m going to miss Lexi a lot year next year along with her ability to remake any vine known to man. She is such a funny person and always has a smile on her face! I’m gonna miss her next year, but I know she will kill it at Miami!!” -Brianna McCoy


Lindsey Wenzel:


“I don’t even know where to begin! I guess I’ll miss you beating me up and making fun of me. I can’t believe I won’t have you to jam to “jar of hearts” and go to Chick-Fil-A with next year. You were always right, I am a little jealous of you! Expect a lot of visits from me next year … Love you big sis!!!” -Gracie Wenzel


Molly Quinlan:


“Molly is one of the funniest people I know. I can always count on her to brighten my day at school because she always has a smile on her face! No matter what is happening, she continues to have a positive attitude. I’m going to be super sad next year when she isn’t there to cheer us on as the field hockey manager. I’ll miss her a lot next year!!!!” -Brianna McCoy


“Molly Quinlan has been like a sister to me the past couple years. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like not having her around because she’s such a fun person and has always been there for me. I really am going to miss her a lot. Love you, Moll!” -Abby Carpenter


“To my sistaaa! Gonna miss you making fun of me, stealing my clothes, and being weird! Love you!” -Julia Quinlan


Ryan Singh:


“He is a class act and a friend to all”  -Jake Spruance and Dean Saridakis


Shawn Futch:


“Shawn was great with helping me transition into a new school and really helped me stay focused through sports and school.” -DJ Scott


Spencer Johnson:


“Spencer and I have found a connection, especially this year. Through our humor, intellectual conversations, and collaborations, I have come to know and respect Spencer as a man that not only myself, but all those around me respect and admire. We have had our laughs in not just SFC, but also the THS plays and Extracurricular activities, and from them, I have really recognized him as the man that he is: a genuinely good person with a sincere desire to connect with and aid those around him. You will be deeply missed Spencer.  I can’t wait to see what you do in college and beyond.” -Rory Britt


Taurus Pinkney:


“Taurus is the kind of person that seems like he is very shy at first, but deep down he has a great heart and has a strong care for people. I am going to miss his great advice and my friends and annoying him next year.” -Kennedy Medley


Gretchen Zungailia, Judy Chen, Abby Manning, and Catherine Habgood:

“I could not have survived Advanced chemistry without these seniors. Thanks for all the advice about college, and I will miss my favorite lab partner ever! (Gretchen)” -Julia Ward


Kiera Wendel, Abby Manning, Molly Quinlan, Lexi Butler, Kiki Lashley, Dougie McCoy, Morgan Carpenter, Catherine Habgood, Lindsey Wenzel, Matt Cleary, Katie Beberman, Katie Gianforcaro, Lange Scanlan, and Allie Salter:


“I’d like to thank all of you guys for making my transition into Tower Hill and my experience at Tower Hill so much better. Coming in as a new freshman is not the easiest thing but you guys made it so easy. You guys one special group of people that have made my life so much better in general. I’m going to miss all of you a lot, have the best time in college!I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. Love you guys so much.”  -Abby Carpenter


Steven Siegfried and Cole Neville:


“Steven and Cole have been mentors for me, and they make me smile every time I see them. They’ve taught me so many things. Cole taught me how to be determined and motivated for something like running and fitness. I’ve shared some of the best laughs with Steven, and he brought me on a trip that I will never forget.”  -Drew Manning