Georgia Kollias ’17

It seems like yesterday we started the first day of the 2015-2016 year with President Spencer Johnson leading the entire school.  But his term is shortly coming to an end, and with that we will be having a new student executive from the Class of 2017. In light of this upcoming THS presidential election, we at The Rubble decided it would be a good idea to get to know some of the upcoming candidates. What an election it will be! This year there are ten–yes, ten–candidates running for the opportunity to lead the new and improved SFC and bring forth change and reform for the entire student body.

Our first presidential candidate is Matthew Santos. Santos has been class co-chair for the past two years where he has helped with the organization of prom, collected money for jeans days, and taken daily attendance. This past year he has taken it upon himself to be editor of the yearbook and a serving member of the newly-formed honor committee. In addition to all these accomplishments, Santos has shown he is also a philanthropist through his charity work with the Shoe Collection Service Project, collecting over 200 pairs of shoes to give to needy children in the Philippines. How does he do it?  Mr. Hoch doesn’t doubt Santos’ leadership strengths as he steps up to support the man whose slogan is “Let’s Get Things Done.” In the spirit of this slogan, Santos promises that, for the upcoming school year, he will “finally get the water fountains fixed.” He also claims to have many more ideas to come.

Our next presidential candidate is Charlie Quimby. Having served on SFC for the past two years, Quimby has helped craft the new structure and function of SFC and is currently working on rewriting the THS mission statement, Honor Code, and Dress Code for next year. As a part of his campaign, Quimby plans on paying attention to the finer details as he aims to fix “little things that improve student life.” He fights to be a strong representative of the people who will “implement ways for students to bring up minor issues that will create a big difference when fixed.” He plans on allotting a firm budget for the SFC to spend at their discretion and carrying out open meetings where students can bring issues to a vote, such as “the need for a new table in the junior lounge.” Sponsored by Mr. Addis, Quimby is hoping that his many “small solutions [will] make Tower Hill more enjoyable as a student.” He asks the student body to vote for him because “if you were running for president, he’d vote for you.”

All the way down from Atlanta, Georgia, we have our first female candidate, Josephine Thrasher. Unlike our previous two candidates, Miss Thrasher has not participated in SFC before, but that is because she is so busy participating in almost every other area of the school. Within academics, she is President of the Science Olympiad club, has received Scholar of Distinction award, and tutors students in four different subjects.  But Thrasher also has brawn, as she has lettered in varsity volleyball for the past three years. To top it all off, Thrasher has participated in at least one theatre production every year at THS, making her a triple threat. As a part of her campaign, Josephine states, “Since I am involved in so many facets of Tower Hill, I will be able to connect with the entirety of the student body, and I will be able to solve problems in every area of the school because of my connections with the faculty.” As her sponsor Mrs. Szaroleta-Jones can attest, Thrasher is organized and does not procrastinate. She plans on making clubs and activities more prominent in student life by scheduling regular meeting times and creating intramural sports clubs. As a final task, she plans on promoting Tower Hill spirit and attendance at school events like sports games and arts productions. Living up to the Tower Hill motto herself, Thrasher asks the students to vote for her, “the candidate who makes Multa Bene Facta a reality.”

The next candidate is our very own The Rubble editor, Louise Conaty. Known for being the older sister to her two little brothers, Tom and Fritz, Louise is “a friend to everyone . . . easy to talk to, and extremely approachable.” She has solid experience in student government, being an SFC representative her freshman year and class co-chair in her sophomore and junior years.  It has been quoted that she “tackles responsibility with great success.” As a part of her campaign for the 2016-2017 school year, Louise plans on having a “greater sense of collaboration in the Upper School community. Not only do I plan on having meetings with the new [SFC] board system chairs, but I also intend to create strong relationships with these chairs in order to have a smooth and successful school year.” Louise plans to have her goal of community unity drive the upper school to new heights of achievement.  To sum it all up, Ms. Cover, the Dean of Students, and her sponsor, says, “You can count on Conaty.”

Within the depths of the history department lives the man, the myth, the legend–Mr. Jason Toy.  Known for teaching Modern European History and US Government and Politics, Mr. Toy is a huge fanatic of all presidential elections.  He is constantly talking about the current US presidential elections as well as his fear of uneducated voters. Since he is so well versed on the subject of politics, you know when he throws his support behind Julia Ward, he means business.  Julia, also known as Jugee, has been characterized as “honest, trustworthy, communicative, enthusiastic, passionate,” and a “[great] listener.” As a part of her campaign, Ward really wants to “make SFC part of the community next year.” She wants to educate her voters about SFC by making an official SFC calendar, instagram, and twitter. In addition to this, Ward promises to “make more announcements to let the community know what SFC is doing behind the scenes.” If you are a voter interested in getting to know how student government operates, then make sure to “Get On Board With Julia Ward.” 

As our next candidate we have our favorite Maryam “I smile, you smile, we all smile for” Ismail.  Since Kindergarten, you can always see Maryam laughing through the halls, bonding with students of all grades. She has spent her Tower Hill career involved in an abundance of school activities such as Blue Gold Club, The Ronald McDonald House Club, Diversity Club, and more.  In addition to shining in school, she also shares her bubbly personality with the Delaware Community through over 180 hours of community service to different organizations. To go with her radiant personality, it is only fitting that Maryam is sponsored by the always smiling John Robinson. As a part of her campaign, Maryam believes that “Tower Hill should better prepare students for standardized testing. I do not think students should have to seek outside ACT and SAT tutoring to improve their scores. ACT and SAT material should be thoroughly taught in order to better prepare students come testing time.” She is no fool, either. Maryam knows that in order to study efficiently, it is important to have brain food as well. This is why she plans on “getting Tower Hill an ice cream special on the Charcoal Pit menu. We are a renown school of Wilmington and the world, and we deserve to see ‘the Hiller’ when we eat at the Pit.” In my opinion, the more ice cream the better! With Maryam as president, she will definitely “Spread the Smile.”

Ruth from Anything Goes! . . . Calpurnia from Julius Caesar . . . these are only a few roles that Emily Katz has filled.  Since she is so involved within the arts department, it is only fitting that Miss Katz is sponsored by the artistically-rich teacher, Rachel Marlowe. In addition to being an active member in the theater scene, Katz has served on SFC as a junior and is “committed to ensuring that the needs of students remain paramount and that each student will have a voice to continually improve the Tower Hill community.” If elected as SFC president, Katz states she “will work to ensure that all students’ have a voice and that each student’s individual concerns are addressed by the school and administration.” She plans on creating “school wide transparency” by publishing meeting transcripts as well as “throwing it old school” with open mic student and faculty Town Halls.  If you believe that Katz is honest, reliable, and an inclusive leader, you believe “In Emily We Trust.”

Our next candidate is Hugh Love.  Sponsored by Ms. Kummer, Love is “very active in the community.” His wide range of leadership experience stems from leading both the Blue Gold Club and the Entrepreneurship Club. Love states, “I know what the people want, and I plan to address their suggestions.” As a part of his campaign, Love wants to take a different approach towards things. He plans on creating a reward-based credit system in tandem with a Tower Hill School Store. “Students will earn credit for going to sporting events and Tower Hill events. Attending a less popular [event] would have a higher credit reward in order to spark interest and school spirit across all THS [functions]”  Each credit earned from attending a school function can be redeemed at the Tower Hill Store, where you can purchase school supplies, THS merchandise, and snacks. The system is pretty easy.  Show love for the community and receive some love back.

Our two final candidates for the Tower Hill Presidential Election are Matthew Rovner and Jamie Spruance. Matthew has been an active member of SFC for the past few years. Spruance has also been an active member of the community, most commonly known for killing it on the drum set in the renowned Jazz Band. Unfortunately, both candidates had no comment on their upcoming campaign.

Overall, the competition looks fierce. Each candidate is extremely qualified and brings up great points and ideas to improve the school. Who will win the primaries? Stay tuned to The Rubble for our next presidential update to hear the top four candidates moving onto the finals.