Julia Ward ’17

Every year, on April 22, we honor the Earth. But is one day enough? Don’t you think that we should honor the Earth everyday? This blue and green sphere gives us life and provides for our every need.

On this one day people go above and beyond to show their support, but assisting the Earth should be done everyday.

We all know that climate change is affecting the world we see it everyday. For example, it was snowing on April 9th, and five days later it was 80 degrees. Something is not right here. It is not possible for the populations of the Earth to maintain its current production of waste and CO2; if this continues, future generations will be put in a position where they cannot simply ignore the changing temperatures and its effects.  They will have to directly deal with the environmental changes.  So what causes this climate change, and what have humans done to speed it up?

The Earth is surrounded by a “blanket,” which contains greenhouse gases and tons of CO2; CO2 is the main driver of the “greenhouse effect.”  A greenhouse layer is getting thicker as fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas release CO2 into the atmosphere; and as this layer continues to grow, the Earth will heat up even more.  To help stop this climate change, the amount of CO2 produced will need to decrease. Right now, the power sector is responsible for 37% of all man-made CO2, according to the International Energy Agency. The smoke stacks at factories, electricity, and plumbing contribute to this CO2 production, but there is hope for minimizing the CO2 release. That hope is renewable energy and learning to live with a smaller impact on this amazing world that we inhabit.

There is one specific society located in northeast Missouri that has decided to extremely limit its CO2 production. The community, “Dancing Rabbit,” only uses solar panels for electricity, uses an oven powered by the sun, does not have running water, and rarely ever uses cars.  This ecovillage has a population of about 70 people, and they hope to increase their population and introduce others to this sustainable way of living. Now, I am not telling anyone to go out and live this sort of way, yet it is pretty remarkable. Just doing little things, like turning the lights off when leaving a room, or taking a shorter shower can help save our planet.

Dancing Rabbit Community
A picture of the Dancing Rabbit Community


This is our Earth. It’s a remarkable place, and as the humans who populate it, we need to respect the Earth everyday. A good way to start would be on Earth day, but treat everyday like it’s Earth Day by reducing your waste and appreciating everything the Earth provides.

The Earth is Amazing.



African Plains


Iceland Waterfalls



Redwood Forest


Arches National Park