Matt Santos 17′ and Louise Conaty ’17

This Spring over Spring Break, Lauren Formanski, Julia Smith, and Allison P. Smith participated in an exchange program with Australian students.  In April, they, along with Natalie Hobbs, hosted three girls. Overall, the exchange proved to be extremely successful. We sat down with the Australians to talk about their visit.

1. Is this your first time visiting America?  Have you visited other places in America?

Emily: No I’ve been to L.A. and Texas.

Caroline: Yes

Yasmin: Yes

2. What is the biggest difference between the U.S. and Australia?

Emily: I feel like the work that you guys do is harder than ours

Yasmin: Your scaling grades is totally different to ours

Caroline: Our curriculum spirals, so each year we get a bit of knowledge of each thing.

3. If you had to describe your experience in America so far in one adjective, what would it be?

Yasmin: a word that’s better than amazing

4. What is your favorite part of your visit so far?

Emily: Thanksgiving dinner because we don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia. (the Australian students were able to experience a Thanksgiving dinner in April)

Caroline: I like the squirrels.  There are few squirrels in Australia.

Emily: Prom. It was fun.

5. What is your favorite class at Tower Hill?

Emily, Caroline, and Yasmin: History with Mr. Sanna!

6. What food do you miss the most?

Yasmin: Tim tams. They are chocolate biscuits.

7. What American food do you like the most?

Caroline: Chipotle

Yasmin: El diablo is pretty good too

Emily: Philly cheese steak