Louise Conaty ’17

Whether you’re a history fanatic, or just enjoy a great film, Suffragette is a must see. Receiving a British Independent film award, the film has had a huge impact on the film world. Set in 20th century Britain, Suffragette chronicles some key events of women’s suffrage movement. The film dives deep into the feminist movement, and it casts a negative light on the misogynistic British government.  Protagonist, Maud Watts, played by Carey Mulligan, is a laundress and joins the Suffragette movement in order to fight for equal rights for women. Suffragette is extremely inspiring and gives a taste of what it was like to be a woman in Britain during this revolutionary time period.  Suffragette was the first movie to be filmed in the British House of Parliament—just one more reason to see this inspiring film. Also, the Laundromat setting is superb and gives viewers a true sense of the harsh working conditions for women in Britain at this time.

Mr. Addis, Upper School History teacher, highly recommends the film. He revealed that “prior to watching the film Suffragette, [he] was unaware of the militant nature of certain sections of the British movement. The sacrifices of the main character, a fictional lower-class laundress, highlighted the personal, not just political dimensions of this topic.” Mr. Addis’s one critique of the movie was that “the chief inspector was rather one-dimensional. It would have been interesting if the movie dove into that character’s personal life, helping to explain why he did not want women to get the vote, or, possibly, revealing any self-doubt about imprisoning and investigating these individuals.”

Women’s’ rights have evolved significantly from the early 20th century.  Today, where a woman, Hillary Clinton, is a contender for the Democrat party’s nomination for President, it is appropriate to reflect upon the hard work and suffering of women in the political world.  Many women today can thank the rebellious women like those portrayed in Suffragette for their political freedoms, including the right to vote.  What’s a better way to honor them than to watch the film!Suffragette-2