Louise Conaty ’17

When I asked my pre-K brother, Fritz, what it was like to be five, he responded confidently, “fun.” It is funny to think that while we upper schoolers are going about our busy days, there are lower schoolers down the hall working hard, too.  This diversity of age is one of the many things that makes Tower Hill great. While upper school seems hard at times, pre-K can be just as overwhelming to a five year old.

The little Hillers are being introduced to numbers, letters, and even simple words for the first time. It may not be calculus, but basic math is challenging at their age. I asked Fritz, “What is the hardest thing about school?”  He thought for a few seconds and replied, “probably spelling words like ‘the,’ because it does not start with the tuh tuh ‘T’ sound.”  We continued discussing letters, but Fritz looked bored, so I asked him what he liked most about school. He grinned and said, “I like it when it is a friend’s birthday because they bring in treats, and the whole class gets to eat them.”  Seems like snack is important to lower school students, too.  We paused in the middle of the interview because he insisted that he needed some chocolate milk.  “Another really hard thing about school is the monkey bars,” he said.  I agreed.

“What’s it like to see upper school students at school,” I asked.  He said, “I get nervous and scared.”  “Do you have any advice for older kids like us who are stressed out at school?” Fritz waited and took a sip of his chocolate milk; with a big chocolate mustache, he said “stay calm.”

So next time you see a little lower schooler in the halls, smile, because remember, you are a giant to them.  Also, he wanted me to be precise and note that he is actually five-and-three-quarters years old.