Matthew Santos ’17 and Neil Godbole ’17

Democratic Nominee Poll Results (82 votes):

  • Bernie Sanders – 75.6 % 
  • Hillary Clinton – 24.4 %

Republican Nominee Poll Results (82 votes):

  • John Kasich – 39%
  • Donald Trump – 24.4%
  • Marco Rubio – 19.5%
  • Ted Cruz – 7.3%
  • Jeb Bush – 4.9%
  • Ben Carson – 3.7%
  • Jim Gilmore – 1.2%

Overall, it looks like an astounding majority of Upper School students wanted Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee, with more than three-quarters of the votes in Sanders’ favor. On the Republican side of things, the results were more split, with the top three candidates being John Kasich with 39%, Donald Trump at 24.4%, and Marco Rubio with 19.5%. 

Quotes from Students 

  • “I like Donald Trump because he brings up important issues (illegal immigration) that many of the other candidates are unwilling to speak out against and is completely authentic. He is also very good at working and negotiating with people because of his business background, and I think for that reason he will do well in foreign policy. Since he grew his million dollar business into a billion dollar business, I also believe that he will be the most qualified to create jobs and improve the economy. Another good thing about Trump is that he is self-funding his campaign, which means no lobbyists or special interest groups will be telling Trump what to do. In addition, despite of what he says on television, I think he is a good man and has a good family. He went to Wharton, there has never been any issues or controversy on how Trump grew his business, and all his children are well off in life.”-Anonymous
  • “Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both crazy, but both suggest valid and valuable points.”-Anonymous
  • “The only person in the world worse than Donald Trump is Ted Cruz.”-Anonymous
  • “Bernie Sanders is the candidate with the most integrity, and I believe that that is a key thing to look out for when selecting someone to support.”-Anonymous
  • “I am a Republican that supports compromise and John Kasich, the candidate that I believe is really one of the only real choices for President. Some candidates in both parties are frankly making either a mockery of the political system, or are spouting radical and impossible ideas that divide and polarize our nation. I believe that John Kasich is really the only candidate with a totally positive message for America, and where other candidates have merely promises backed by nothing, Kasich has proven through his executive record that he is the most able candidate for the presidency in the field today. As for the Democratic Party, I truly wish that Joe Biden had run; I and millions of others respect him and his virtues, and for a democratic candidate, he would have been the best choice. Bernie is a good man with a great personality, but he has plans that, frankly, do not have a basis in the political, economic, or social landscape of America. Finally, while Hillary Clinton certainly appeals to a more moderate side of Democrats, the events in regard to Benghazi, Lybia, her email scandal, and her overall personality, make it difficult for anyone to truly believe that she is morally equipped to be the leader of our nation.”-Rory Britt
  • “I ‘hate’ Donald Trump and strongly believe he should not be president because he has no plan for any of his promises, simply saying he will get Mexico to build the wall. Also, he plans to register Muslim Americans, which one cannot help but relate to the registration of Jews in Nazi Germany. The discrimination of an entire faith because of the wrong actions of a small number of Muslims compared to the 1.4 billion Muslims in the world is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. In the 1st Amendment all Americans are promised freedom of religion, and his actions would directly violate this. His ideas of ‘bombing the sh*t out of ISIS’ would make the USA as bad as the terrorists, as we would also the killing of innocent people living there.” –Anonymous
  • “If you are being investigated by the FBI, then you can’t be trusted to run a country.”-Anonymous
  • “Trump is doing it for the attention. He’s like a three year old. Pay him no mind and eventually he’ll stop because he’s not getting the attention he wants. Choose a real adult for President, please.”-Anonymous
  • “Trump uses fear-mongering tactics and serves as a way for bigots and racists to express themselves seemingly without consequence. Deport muslims! Build a wall! I can only begin to imagine all the diplomatic progress he would undo as Commander In-Chief. It both surprises me and saddens me that a majority of Republicans think that he would do the United States justice – if you look at the man’s Twitter page you can easily see he’s a complete buffoon. He is the embodiment of the corrupted political stage.  The election has turned into a reality TV show, a mockery of the ideals of the country.” –Anonymous

Note: Results are accurate as of February 19, 2016