For the past few years, Tower Hill has annually hosted Diversity Day for the Upper School students and faculty.  Together we learn about and celebrate diversity. Five students and I were sent to this year’s Student Diversity Leadership Conference where we got the opportunity to learn and discover new things about diversity in the world around us. As a team, we brought together everything we learned from our time at SDLC in order to pass them on to our peers during the activities held on Diversity Day. Our main goal as members of the Diversity Club is to raise awareness of issues such as race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, etc., and face these threats together as a community to stop discrimination and misunderstanding.  Attaining that goal starts with learning about ourselves and realizing that, although every person is unique, we are all equal. That is why the Diversity Club strives to make this day happen—so that everyone can come to appreciate the differences we all possess that make us who we are. The exercises students participated in through the course of the day focused on four of the eight pillars of diversity—ability, race/ethnicity, family structure, and socio-economic status—and each was meant to demonstrate the crucial presence of diversity in our culture and its prominence in even as tiny a school as Tower Hill.

Blair Isken ’16