October 2014

Ebola Breakout

<h6> Alisa Vidwans ’15 </h6>

On September 20th, Eric Duncan stepped off a plane from Liberia and fell back into his normal routine in the United States, which included going to work and spending time with his fiancee.  Five days after his return, however, Duncan was experiencing abdominal pain and a low-grade fever.  The doctor present at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital dismissed him as he displayed “flu-like symptoms,” despite the knowledge that Duncan had just returned from a trip to Liberia.  On September 28th, Duncan was rushed to the hospital and put under strict quarantine as doctors feared he may have contracted Ebola. The CDC confirmed their suspicion on the 30th.  Back in mid-September, no one would have guessed that the disease spreading rampantly through Africa would ever reach America. But now, eight cases of Ebola have been reported in America.

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Spirit Week!

<h6> Maddie Schwartz ’15 </h6>

Spirit Week

Happy Spirit Week Hillers! Thank you for a great first day. Spirit was evident throughout the Middle and Upper schools and the faculty! Tomorrow is pajama day. We hope the juniors and sophomores are comfortable for their PSATs and the freshmen for their ERBs. On Thursday we have Clash Day. Following that we have Friday, the most important day of all. Friday is an opportunity to show everyone your school spirit with Green and White Day! Also, a huge thank you to the Junior class and Ms. Szaroleta for the awesome homecoming gear. We look forward to wearing it around campus this weekend.

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The Maze Runner Film Review

Ian Frazier ’15

If there is one salient trend in the film industry today, it is the adaptation of young adult, dystopian novels to the big screen. Ever since the monumental success of The Hunger Games films, studios scrambled to capitalize on the latest profit-producing craze. Continue reading “The Maze Runner Film Review”

A Fashion Week Review

Julia Molin ’17

From New York City to Milan, over the past few weeks, all of the major fashion events in the world have run their course, leaving behind an assortment of trends and artistic components for us to incorporate into our dress.

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Theatre Movie Night

Whitney Polich ’15

The Tower Hill Theater Department hosted its first annual movie night with the comedy Waiting for Guffman. Set in the sleepy town of Blaine, Missouri – where nothing exciting ever truly happens – a small community theater creates a musical in honor of Blaine’s 150th anniversary. Continue reading “Theatre Movie Night”

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