Ben Crain ’16

On Sunday, February 23rd, what seemed like the warmest day of the season, we set out for the second annual winter sports club trip.  The night before, Chris Miller, Chris Schorn, Ben Spiro, Kyler Kreshock and Jacob Pedano came over to sleep to make sure we could get an early start to the Poconos.  After a huge carb-filled breakfast of pancakes, muffins and fruit, we were ready to hit the slopes.

The quick drive and easy rental/lift lines allowed us to get on the slopes by 9:30.  Equally divided into skiers and boarders, we carved up the mountain, hitting some ice.  The warm weather made the conditions hairy, as we saw a lot of slush throughout the day. We all had fun that day, being able to ski and snowboard with school friends. Though Chris Schorn never boarded before, his wakeboard experience gave him the confidence to try it. I eventually convinced him to ride double blacks by the end of the day. Undoubtedly, very sore by the afternoon, he said the reward of going snowboarding with friends was definitely worth it. Kyler also just started snowboarding a couple of weeks before.  Going skiing or boarding with friends pushes you to test new limits that you might not explore with your family. With minimal snowboarding experience, he still joined everybody on the last few double black runs of the day.

We met Mr. Kaiser, his friend, my mom and sister for lunch.  We sat outside in the sunshine eating burgers, fries, and waffles. The weather was so nice that we did not even need to wear jackets; I wore only a light sweatshirt. We convinced them to extend the day until 3:30 so we could have extra time on some of the unexplored slopes.  Finally, we headed back to the house.

As I sat in the car, I thought back on the day.  What made it amazing?  Though I love playing hard for my teams at school and outside of school, skiing and boarding with friends is different.  Gone is the element of competition.  Camaraderie replaces it. No one is fighting for a spot; instead, everyone is hanging out, just having fun.  I heard that the ride went smoothly, but I slept the entire way back. We arrived back happy and very exhausted, but we were ready to plan another trip.  Anyone up for next year’s overnight or a class trip?