Whitney Polich ’15

If you did not go to see Tower Hill’s spring show, You Can’t Take it With You, you missed a true treat. With an eccentric and jovial cast, this show left the audience with warm hearts. Here is a brief synopsis: When Alice Sycamore, a middle class beauty, falls madly in love with wealthy and elite Tony Kirby, differences in social class are revealed. While Tony wants to marry Alice right away, she is hesitant; first, she must introduce him to her quirky, but lovable, family. A typical scene in the Sycamore household is of Mrs. Penny Sycamore typing on her typewriter, writing out plays on a range of topics. Mr.Paul Sycamore is in the basement with his assistant, Mr. DePinna, making fireworks, battleships, and other toys. Alice’s sister, Essie, practices ballet and bakes chocolate, while her husband, Ed, tinkers on his xylophone and prints the daily family news. And finally Grandfather sits in his chair, smoking a pipe and supplying words of knowledge, while the family maid, Rheba, makes dinners of watermelon and corn flakes. Family members are not especially well versed in their hobbies/talents, but each is passionate in his/her field. This family is harmless and eccentric, and Alice loves them all dearly, but she is embarrassed by their peculiar hobbies and pastimes. When Alice finally invites the Kirbys over for dinner, it is a complete disaster, which results in Alice nearly leaving her family forever and missing out on true love. But all is resolved by a few wise words from Grandfather and the appreciation of true love.
With colorful characters, including a Russian dance coach, deceased milkman, Russian princess, and FBI agents, and a hilarious plot sprinkled with wisdom to match, this show was an absolute delight. Tower Hill Students are busy, including those who aren’t involved in theater, so it is important to recognize and appreciate students and faculty who take the time to create art that enriches and educates. Without the dedication of directors, cast, and crew, productions such as this would not be possible. Bravo! The cast did an outstanding job! Seniors Rodney Orr, Mark Christie, Julia Reith, Courtney Hayman, Rachel League, Bradley Pedano, Julia Lindsay, Cole Wenzel, and Jaime Manlove have contributed many years of talent and commitment, and we want to thank them for entertaining us all these years. Thank you; you will be missed. These outstanding individuals have set the standard for the Drama department.

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