Kai Inguito 14′

The Culture Club learns about Japanese and Filipino culture!

Culture Club met January 31st to learn about both Japanese and Filipino cultures (it also happened to be the same day as Chinese New Year). Not only did members learn about some interesting facts and history, but also immersed themselves in the culture with Japanese sushi and a Filipino dessert called ensaymada. Did you know that both Japan and the Philippines are made of islands? That’s an easy one. Try this: The Philippines were under Spanish rule from 1565 to 1898. For this reason, a significant part of Filipino culture comes from Spain. For example, kumusta, meaning “how are you” in Tagalog (the language of the Philippines) sounds like cómo estás, which means the exact same thing in Spanish. In addition, some food is a mixture of both cultures. Check out pictures below.

Our next meeting will be this Tuesday, February 11th during lunch. If you are interested in learning about Persian and/or Chinese culture (traditional music, authentic food, and more), come to this meeting, member or not!

Culture Club is an affinity club whose goal is to spread awareness of other cultures by allowing the Tower Hill School community to explore, share, and understand the hundreds of cultures in our world through music, food, interesting facts, personal experiences, and stories from other members. If you would like to join this club or attend one of the meetings because of a certain culture we are studying, we invite you to do so. Contact Kai Inguito or Sophie Xue for more details.

Savory Sushi!
Sophie Xue ’14 teaches the club
Taylor Reese ’15 and Sara Brown ’16 prepare the food