McKenna Polich ’15

McKenna Polich and Gillian Georigi help begin the new chapter for the Blue-Gold club.

Sunday, January 26th, 2014 — We are a group of sleepy-eyed teenagers sitting at assigned tables in the Caesar Rodney High School cafeteria. We take small, sideways glances at each other, offering a friendly grin here and there. We are here to represent our schools as Blue-Gold ambassadors for the Delaware Foundation Reaching Citizens annual Blue-Gold Football game. Soon, however, we realize it’s not just about the game.

Fast forward past the introductions: Dr. Anthony Glenn, DFRC’s Executive Director enters. His enthusiasm is contagious; it trails behind his every step as he glides around the room and speaks into the microphone.  Projected behind him is a PowerPoint, the first slide titled “Aspects of Leadership.” Originally we had expected a dull presentation where we would learn “what it means to be a leader” and exchange eye rolls. But today is different. Dr. Glenn speaks of a “birthright” that each one of us possesses, a “deep longing to live a life of greatness and contribution.” He speaks of a “divine energy” we each hold.  Using quotes by Stephen Covey and Deepak Chopra, he commands our attention. I sit in reluctance as Dr. Glenn asks us to engage in what he calls “conversation,” wondering what to do or say.  Dr. Glenn asks us to define terms such as “empowerment,” “service-oriented,” and “responsible.” One by one, students stand and speak, and I ponder over who holds the correct answer. You could imagine my surprise when Dr. Glenn noted, “There are no wrong answers.” Applause and admiration for Dr. Glenn’s unapologetic passion fills the room, and we are asked to brainstorm about fundraisers and ways to publicize Blue-Gold. The easy part is writing the ideas down, he reminds us . . . the hard part is putting them into action.

Sunday, January 26th was the beginning of a new chapter for Tower Hill’s Blue-Gold Club. As ambassadors of the Club, Gillian Georigi and I have vowed to increase community awareness about Blue-Gold. We feel as though the excitement caused by the fashion show and Blue-Gold week causes the club’s true purpose to be more or less forgotten. This needs to change. We propose that in the future we split the Upper School into a Blue Team and a Gold Team; throughout the year, teams of mixed grades would compete to win spirit points in support of Blue-Gold. Other publicity includes T-shirts, local business sponsorship, and online publication. In addition, we want to include a 5k walk/run in conjunction with Blue-Gold week, a powder puff football game, “Dunk-a-Teacher,” and a movie night.  All we ask of you is your help.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for how to generate community awareness of Blue-Gold and its mission – “to enrich the lives of Delawareans with intellectual disabilities” – do not hesitate to exercise the “birthright” Dr. Glenn spoke of.  Please contact Gillian Georigi or myself along with any of this year’s Blue-Gold heads – Zach Nitsche, Rachel League, Alex DuPont, and Sam Murphy – with ideas.