Kelly Kollias ’15

Georgia Kollias qualifies for the Junior Olympics.

Five years ago, Freshman Georgia Kollias attended the Exploration Jr. Summer Program at St. Marks School in Southborough, Massachusetts. At the program, she discovered her passion for sword fighting and has been fencing competitively ever since. Four times a week, Georgia drives forty-five minutes to practice at the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia (FAP) for four hours! Her dedication and ability to balance school work, school sports, and her training requirements are commendable. Georgia will be one of one hundred and sixty kids who qualified to compete in this year’s Junior Olympics in Portland, Oregon.  She is scheduled to compete during President’s Day weekend. The proud sister that I am, I was able to sit down and interview the future gold medalist.


Me:  What’s your favorite part about fencing?

GK: The moment right when you get a touch, you’re yelling, your heart’s pumping . . . I live for the adrenaline. I love when I finally get that last touch and win the bout (AKA the round). It is such a rush . . . on top of that, I love getting to travel and meet new fencers from all over the world. It’s one thing to play a sport, but to be part of a team like this is incredible.

Me:  What’s the difference between fencing foil and fencing epee? Which one did you qualify to compete in?

GK: I was able to qualify for epee. The difference between foil and epee is, in foil, the weapon is much lighter and the target is smaller – it is only the chest and the back. In epee, the weapon is heavier and has a bell guard, or the hand covering separating the handle from the blade. The target consists of your entire body.
Me:  Will you remember me (your sister) when you’re famous?

GK: Yeah . . . I’ll try. [laughs].