Kalee Kennedy ’15

Gawad Kalinga Organization

On December 11th, 2013, freshman Matthew Santos educated the Tower Hill community about the tsunami, Typhon Haiyan, that struck the Philippines. Matthew will be working with Gawad Kalinga, a Filipino-based organization whose mission is to combat the widespread poverty in the country and empower the nation of the Philippines. In light of the tsunami in November 2013, Gawad Kalinga is helping survivors get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. 

The tsunami damaged several Filipino islands including: Tacloban, Eastern Samar, Cebu, Bohol, and Leyte. To date, 8.7 million people have been affected by the tsunami. More than 100,000 houses have been damaged, and so far 5,625 people have lost their lives to the storm. At 195 mph, Typhon Haiyan had the strongest wind speeds in the history of the Philippines.  On Wednesday, December 18th, 2013, the Upper School will hold a jeans day to raise money for the organization’s efforts.
More information about Gawad Kalinga can be found at http://gklworld.com/NewOurVision.
Make sure to contact Matthew Santos if you’re interested about other ways to help the Project.
Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan
Satellite View of the Typhoon