Scary Story
By Julia Reith ’14
It was a typical night. My mom was working the night shift at the hospital, so I had the house to myself again. I sat on the couch and ate some popcorn as I watched a horror movie that I rented. Scary movies never phased me, not even a little bit. I knew they were fake. I knew there were no such things as ghosts or demons that were going to possess my house or my family. The blood and effects were all just “Hollywood magic,” and none of that stuff could happen to me in the real world.

The movie continued until the lights began to flicker. The wind outside howled. Oh, it’s just another storm, I thought to myself. Thunderstorms were predicted all week. This happened every year in October on account of the temperature change from the summer to fall.  I could hear sheets of rain pounding on the roof, and the house began to creak eerily. Flashes of lightning illuminated the room as thunder boomed and shook the house. Suddenly the power went out, and a wave of darkness cascaded over the room. I could only see when the lightning lit the room. I fumbled around for my iPhone that I had laid on the coffee table and proceeded to turn on the LED flashlight. The storm was violent, and I hoped Mom would make it home safely. I lit a couple candles and went into my bedroom. I used the candlelight to read a book to pass time until my mom would arrive home. About an hour later, I heard a knock on the door . . . .
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Zombie Love
By Fatima Anwar ’16