I have many amazing memories of Tower Hill, but one of the best was actually from kindergarten. It was my first day at Tower Hill, and I didn’t know anybody. I was really nervous that I wouldn’t make any friends and that nobody would like me, but my worries soon disappeared when a little girl with blonde pigtails and a flowery headband introduced herself to me. She invited me to play with her, preparing yummy food for her dad with plastic forks and rubber hamburger patties. We instantly became friends, and I knew that Tower Hill was where I belonged.

– Josephine Chu ’14

Funniest memory: I remember in my freshman year the whole gang would hang out in 141 during 8th period. One day, some guys were doing some parkour tricks, and the mighty Russell was going to attempt a barrel roll off of the table. . . .The next day everyone asked him whom he had fought because he had a pretty sweet black eye. He mumbled something about kneeing himself in the eye. Hahaha. Classic!

– Carina Miller ’14