November 2013

Cabaret ’13

Whitney Polich ’15

A Night with Rogers & Hammerstein!

Cabaret 2013 is back with a fresh new look! Those who have attended the Cabaret 2011 or 2012 shows know that the production is a compilation of musical theater pieces performed through singing and dancing. Cabaret 2013 has been amped up from previous years. Mrs. Martin and Ms. Rachel Marlowe have mentored and instructed the cast since early October. Continue reading “Cabaret ’13”

Eddie Vedder Music Artist Spotlight-Sketch

Catherine Habgood ’16
Eddie Vedder

The inspiration for this drawing came from an Eddie Vedder poster. Vedder’s music was part of the soundtrack for the film adaptation of Into the Wild. I used ink, watercolor, and markers. It was drawn freehand.


Fun Fall Recipe!

Ann Guzzetta ’17

Mini Pumpkin Pies:

This Thanksgiving, substitute the traditional pie for miniature ones. The family is sure to be stuffed like a turkey with these bite-sized, mini pumpkin pies. Plates will be cleared faster than ever with this untraditional dessert.

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Lit Page Excerpts

Scary Story
By Julia Reith ’14
It was a typical night. My mom was working the night shift at the hospital, so I had the house to myself again. I sat on the couch and ate some popcorn as I watched a horror movie that I rented. Scary movies never phased me, not even a little bit. I knew they were fake. I knew there were no such things as ghosts or demons that were going to possess my house or my family. The blood and effects were all just “Hollywood magic,” and none of that stuff could happen to me in the real world.

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Senior Memories

I have many amazing memories of Tower Hill, but one of the best was actually from kindergarten. It was my first day at Tower Hill, and I didn’t know anybody. I was really nervous that I wouldn’t make any friends and that nobody would like me, but my worries soon disappeared when a little girl with blonde pigtails and a flowery headband introduced herself to me. She invited me to play with her, preparing yummy food for her dad with plastic forks and rubber hamburger patties. We instantly became friends, and I knew that Tower Hill was where I belonged.

– Josephine Chu ’14

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