Ann Guzzeta ’17

Monster Burgers:

Festive Halloween burgers add a spooky, fun, and ghoulish flare to grilling. All that is required is to twist a burger and add a dazzlingly devilish decoration to what is normally plain food. These burgers are sure to draw blood.

Ingredients/Tools Needed:   

-1 beef patty

-Burger buns.

-1 slice of monstrous, Muenster cheese (or just American).

-1 slice of cooked ham.

-2 slices of dill pickle.







-Grill the beef patty.

-Once that is finished cooking, place the patty on top of the bottom bun.

-Use the knife to cut the cheese slice in half and in a zigzag pattern to look like teeth.

-Take the ham and fold it into a tongue shape. Place it on top of the cheese.

-Then take the other half of the cheese and put that on top of the ham.

-Put on the top bun.

-Place the two pickle slices on top of the bun for the “eyes.” Dot the “eyes” with ketchup.