Ben Crain ’16

The Winter Sports Club Embark on the First Trip of the Season

While many of the larger schools take previously organized ski clubs for granted, our school never successfully formed one. Many THS students go skiing and snowboarding with their families, but spending the day on the slopes with your friends is an entirely different experience. When skiing with your friends, you learn another side of them independent from the classroom or hanging out and playing Xbox. Where else can you challenge yourself alongside your friends in a terrain park and end the day with
an aerial, landing onto a “Take Flight” airbag?
Saturday, January 19th, Sam Barrett(’16), club president, Ben Crain(’16), Matt Katz(’16) Chris Miller(’16,) Phillip Miller, Jacob Pedano(16’), and Ben Spiro(16’) took a day trip up to the Camelback in the Pocono Mountains. The chaperones, Dr. Barrett, Mr. Miller and Mr. Pedano, deserve a lot of credit for driving us back and forth in one day. Exhausted, the parents even returned everyone’s rentals at the end of the day. Yet, all said
they would do it again. Although we anticipated heavy crowds for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, we never waited longer than ten minutes in any of the 14 lift lines. We skied in great conditions. The wind blew hard at our arrival, but the sun shone and the groomed slopes held for most of the day. Most importantly the trip was fun. Click on Jacob Pedano’s video to catch a glimpse of our day.
We invite any beginner, intermediate, or advanced skiers or snowboarders to show up at a ski club meeting and help plan a future trip. Next year we hope for a few overnights!