<h5> Jody Gregory ’12 </h5>

On January 21st, 2013, the Tower Hill Community Service club will host the annual Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service event. From 9 AM to 12 PM, students from all divisions, parents, and faculty will join together to offer support and supplies to various organizations.

Books for Children, the Animal Awareness club, and Lutheran Community Services are among the many that will be represented at the event; each service group has a different list of requested items for donation, displayed below. Many Tower Hill students have an active role in these charities and the causes we are supporting. John Guzzetta (’12) and Ann Guzzetta (’17) will be taking books for the Books for Children organization, along with Sean Sullivan (’13). Items given to the VA and the military will be donated in support of Anthony T. Saldutti III, cousin of Elizabeth Wurtsle (’14). Gracie Firestone’s (’11) organization, Let the Kids Play, will be giving collected items to the Nativity Prep and Serviam Schools in Wilmington. In the 1919 auditorium, booths will be set up to collect and sort donation items as they arrive. Students will also have the opportunity to create cards and decorations for the troops and the Animal Awareness club will bring animals available for adoption from a local shelter. The Community Service club welcomes any amount of time and donations available on Monday and encourages the Tower Hill community to participate in any way possible!

Organization Donation List

Martin Luther King Day of Service

Guzzetta Book Collection
Children books
Youth books
Young Adult

VA Hospital
Hygiene Items-
Shaving Cream (small)
Nail clippers
Men’s body wash (AXE)
Toothpaste(small)/tooth brushes
Women-spa baskets
Body wash
Toothpaste (small)/toothbrushes
General Items
Bus Passes
Telephone cards for homeless Veterans
Used Cell Phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers Program


Food Items:
-individually wrapped candy (no chocolate-it melts)
-5 hour energy (extra strength)
-Gatorade cubes
-Instant coffee packets
-Canned fruit with flip top
-Canned soup with flip top (no cream)- chicken noodle
-Tastycakes (we have to see how quickly they expire)
-Girl scout cookies (if they are out in time)
-GUM!, mints, and hard candy
-Protein bars
-Ramen noodles and like products
Toiletries (everything in travel size):
-fusion individually packed razors
-foot powder- Tinactin
-bar soap
-baby wipes
-hand sanitizer
-gold bond
-body wash (they all agree on traditional old spice)
-Edge shaving cream (must be travel size)
-toothbrushes (the finger strips too)
-tissues (small packets)
-bug spray wipes (bugs are terrible over there)
-Neosporin and Band-aids
-Comic books (they like the marvel superheros)
-Black, brown, or green socks (NO WHITE)

Faithful Friends Donation List
Canned cat food: Friskies Pate’
Canned dog food: Pedigree
Puppy Food: Innova
Dry cat & kitten food (any kind)
Shelter supplies:
Kongs & peanut butter
Rawhides & chewies
Towels, sheets and small blankets (no pillows or large comforters please!)
Hand sanitizer
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Gallons of bleach
Ultra Plus Powder Laundry Detergent (180 loads box – available at SEARS)
Reams of basic copier paper
Gift cards: Concord Pet, Petco, Home Depot and Lowes are always welcome to help us purchase shelter supplies!

Lutheran Community Services
Men’s Clothing
Toddler and infant items
Food items for LCS
Canned or Boxed Items needed:
Ravioli, Spaghetti, Meatballs in sauce
Corned beef hash
Canned meats
Canned Fruit
Canned Vegetables
Macaroni and cheese
Cereal, grits, cereal bars, oatmeal
Peanut butter*
Fruit juice
Dry or evaporated milk
Baking mixes for pancakes/waffles
*most needed items

Nativity Prep/Serviam (Gracie Firestone’s Let the Kids Play)
Gently used athletic equipment
Index cards**
Loose leaf 3-subject notebooks w/folders**
Composition (marble)notebooks
Construction paper
Colored pencils
Gift cards to Barnes and Noble