Kai Inguito
On Friday, November 16th, Culture Club experienced and learned about Japanese life. The Club leaders, Sophie Xu and Kai Inguito, talked about the do’s and dont’s when visiting Japan.

For example, you have to take off your shoes before entering a house, sometimes even in restaurants! Next, Sophie taught everyone the Japanese words for “hello”, “goodbye”, and “thank you.” After practicing the language among each other, they learned how to use chopsticks with the help of Sophie and Vanna– whose guidance prepared participants for the chopstick race. In the end, Josephine and Aurian were our Chopstick Champions. It was definitely a thrilling sight to see, accompanied by some fast-paced Japanese music. After a hard-won battle, the Club chowed down on Sophie’s home-made Sushi and some delicious Teriryaki Chicken! Check out these photos below:

Chopstick Championship

Josephine Warms Up

Sophie’s Homemade Sushi