Kalee Kennedy

Since October, members of the musical theatre group Cabaret have worked together during rehearsals to learn songs, dances, and monologues in preparation for the show “Cabaret ‘12”, which took place November 2nd and 4thin the 1919 auditorium. Choreographed by Rachel Marlowe, the show was a collection of short monologues written by each of the girls, along with larger group song and dance numbers including “Cell Block Tango” from Chicagoand “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray. Mrs. Tjersland directed the show and Mrs. Martin worked as the chorus instructor.

All of the “Cabaret Girls” (Brooke Hayman, Becca Pettinaro, Courtney Hayman, Taylor Polich, Maddie Cann, Lizzy DuPont, Whitney Polich and Kalee Kennedy) worked for months to prepare for their production, and as with any rehearsal process the cast develops a tight bond. The cast of “Cabaret ‘12” has chosen to give us a unique glimpse into the “inner thought process” of a Cabaret Girl and their directors by sharing the various one-liners and quotes collected over the rehearsal process. Congratulations to the whole cast on a fantastic show!


First Rehearsal

-I’m so excited, you don’t even know!

-“I’m not Brooke.” “And I’m not Courtney.”

-I’m doing Pop! I called it last year.

-Hey, I picked this song, so I get first dibs.

-We’re going to close our eyes and we’re not going to judge if you don’t take the sheet music home

3 weeks before the show

-This is a problem, Rachel. No one knows how to pony!!

-Guys, it’s ‘felt the same’ not ‘done the same’!

-What’s arsenic?

-Do I really have to learn Hungarian?

2 weeks before the show

-“Are you trying to get me fired?!”

-“You know your Hungarian?” “Uh, about that…” “Um, we have to have it by now!”

-How are we supposed to do the Stricken Chicken?

1 week before the show

-Guys, this is our last supper!

-Everyone best be practicing Cell block!

-If we had a video, we would have known it by now.


-I don’t want to dub it the ‘Hayman Smile’, but gosh your faces just light up!

-Girls, we’re going to have to go over this with the track. A lot.

-We’re going to have to cut this part – and this part.

During Hair and Makeup

-My eyelashes are too long!

-How are we supposed to change when people keep bringing tours through?

-It smells like burnt hair and perfume!


-Make them uncomfortable!!

-Someone, help me page this curtain!

-No one laughed. I guess I wasn’t as funny as I thought I was.


-She looked at me and we made eye contact and that’s when it all went downhill.

-I started singing and I thought I was just loud, but it turns out I was early.

-When we rushed into the audience, we just looked crazy by then.

-I don’t even know what she meant by her hand motions!

-I’m wearing these eyelashes tomorrow! I don’t care what anyone says.