Chris Morrow

Senior Human Anatomy students were assigned a project that required them to write a children’s story based on an organ system that they would present to the second grade.  The stories were to be informative and creative– illustrated and written on a second grade level.  Each senior student read his story to the second graders and answered questions about the books. Will Mette’s “Hammy the Hamburger” based on the digestive system, Kelsey Gwynne’s “Oliver the Liver”, and Kendal Robino’s “Sally the Stomach” were big hits. Other titles included “Stephen the Skeleton”, “Gully the Gall Bladder”, “Brian the Brain”, “Your Heart” and “The Lungs”. The second graders were a great audience and genuinely complimented the seniors on their stories.  The books will be laminated and donated to the classrooms for the second grade to read.

Sammy the Stomach

Will Mette shares

Will Mette reads

Stephen the Skeleton